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NameDate of DeathInfo    
16Show details for ArchitectureArchitecture
62Show details for ArtArt
128Show details for BusinessBusiness
51Show details for Cartooning/ComicsCartooning/Comics
13Show details for CookingCooking
121Show details for CrimeCrime
7Show details for EconomicsEconomics
11Show details for EducationEducation
3351Show details for EntertainmentEntertainment
22Show details for EspionageEspionage
101Show details for ExplorationExploration
67Show details for FashionFashion
20Show details for HistoryHistory
63Show details for InventingInventing
215Show details for JournalismJournalism
15Hide details for Labor UnionLabor Union
Carey, Ron 12/11/2008  Former president of ...
Chavez, Cesar 04/23/1993  Founder of the Unit ...
Fitzsimmons, Frank 05/06/1981  Former head of the ...
Hoffa, James P.   President of the Te ...
Hoffa, Jimmy   Former president of ...
Kirkland, Lane 08/14/1999  Former president of ...
Masih, Iqbal 04/16/1995  Young bonded labore ...
Meany, George 01/10/1980  Former president of ...
Mendes, Chico 12/22/1988  Environmental and l ...
Miller, Marvin 11/27/2012  Head of the Major L ...
Presser, Jackie 07/09/1988  Former president of ...
Randolph, A. Philip 05/16/1979  Civil rights activi ...
Silkwood, Karen 11/13/1974  Whistleblower who e ...
Upshaw, Gene 08/20/2008  Hall of Fame footba ...
Walesa, Lech   Chief of the Solida ...
51Show details for LawLaw
11Show details for Law EnforcementLaw Enforcement
393Show details for LiteratureLiterature
4Show details for MathematicsMathematics
23Show details for MedicineMedicine
128Show details for MilitaryMilitary
1Show details for MiscellaneousMiscellaneous
1224Show details for MusicMusic
177Show details for OtherOther
6Show details for PhilanthropyPhilanthropy
9Show details for PhilosophyPhilosophy
862Show details for PoliticsPolitics
24Show details for PublishingPublishing
84Show details for ReligionReligion
108Show details for ScienceScience
120Show details for Social ActivismSocial Activism
881Show details for SportsSports
179Show details for TheaterTheater

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