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By Cause of Death
Keep in mind that death is often times a result of multiple causes. Or for instance, someone might have cancer but the direct cause of death will be pneumonia. So some of these entries might be open to interpretation.


NameDate of DeathField
4Show details for Abdominal aneurysmAbdominal aneurysm
53Hide details for AIDSAIDS
Rock Hudson  10/02/1985  Entertainment
Ricky Wilson  10/12/1985  Music
Stephen Stucker  04/13/1986  Entertainment
Perry Ellis  05/30/1986  Fashion
Roy Cohn  08/02/1986  Politics
Gia  11/18/1986  Fashion
Liberace  02/04/1987  Music
Michael Bennett  07/02/1987  Theater
John C. Holmes  03/13/1988  Entertainment
Robert Joffrey  03/25/1988  Theater
Leonard Frey  08/24/1988  Entertainment
Wayland Flowers  10/11/1988  Entertainment
Max Robinson  12/20/1988  Journalism
Robert Mapplethorpe  03/09/1989  Art
Merritt Butrick  03/17/1989  Entertainment
Steve Rubell  07/25/1989  Business
Amanda Blake  08/16/1989  Entertainment
Alvin Ailey  12/01/1989  Entertainment
Patrick Kelly  01/01/1990  Fashion
Ian Charleson  01/06/1990  Entertainment
Keith Haring  02/16/1990  Art
Halston  03/26/1990  Fashion
Ryan White  04/08/1990  Social Activism
Tom Fogerty  09/06/1990  Music
Howard Ashman  03/14/1991  Music,Theater
Kevin Peter Hall  04/10/1991  Entertainment
Tony Richardson  11/14/1991  Entertainment
Freddie Mercury  11/24/1991  Music
Kimberly Bergalis  12/08/1991  Other
Isaac Asimov  04/06/1992  Literature
Robert Reed  05/12/1992  Entertainment
Peter Allen  06/18/1992  Music
Anthony Perkins  09/12/1992  Entertainment
Denholm Elliott  10/06/1992  Entertainment
Rudolf Nureyev  01/06/1993  Theater,Entertainment
Arthur Ashe  02/06/1993  Sports
Ray Sharkey  06/11/1993  Entertainment
Michael Callen  12/27/1993  Social Activism,Music
Randy Shilts  02/17/1994  Journalism
Dack Rambo  03/21/1994  Entertainment
Dan Hartman  03/22/1994  Music
John Curry  04/15/1994  Sports
Pedro Zamora  11/11/1994  Entertainment,Social Activism
Tom Villard  11/14/1994  Entertainment
Elizabeth Glaser  12/03/1994  Social Activism
Rick Aviles  03/15/1995  Entertainment
Eric "Eazy E" Wright  03/26/1995  Music
Glenn Burke  05/30/1995  Sports

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