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By Cause of Death
Keep in mind that death is often times a result of multiple causes. Or for instance, someone might have cancer but the direct cause of death will be pneumonia. So some of these entries might be open to interpretation.


NameDate of DeathField
4Show details for Abdominal aneurysmAbdominal aneurysm
53Show details for AIDSAIDS
1Show details for Alcohol and drug overdoseAlcohol and drug overdose
2Show details for Alcohol poisoningAlcohol poisoning
7Show details for AlcoholismAlcoholism
1Show details for Allergic reactionAllergic reaction
14Show details for ALSALS
55Hide details for Alzheimer's diseaseAlzheimer's disease
Mabel Albertson  09/28/1982  Entertainment
Ross Macdonald  07/11/1983  Literature
Edmond O'Brien  05/09/1985  Entertainment
E.B. White  10/01/1985  Literature
Rita Hayworth  05/14/1987  Entertainment
Sugar Ray Robinson  04/12/1989  Sports
Aaron Copland  12/02/1990  Music
Molly Picon  04/05/1992  Entertainment
Bill France, Sr.  06/07/1992  Sports
Jimmy "The Weasel" F...  06/30/1993  Crime
Burgess Meredith  09/09/1997  Entertainment
Mae Questel  01/04/1998  Entertainment
Abraham Ribicoff  02/22/1998  Politics
Barry Goldwater  05/29/1998  Politics
Iris Murdoch  02/08/1999  Literature
Martha Rountree  08/23/1999  Journalism
Tom Fears  01/04/2000  Sports
Robert Gilruth  08/17/2000  Exploration
Arlene Francis  05/31/2001  Entertainment
Cyrus R. Vance  01/12/2002  Politics
Benjamin O. Davis, Jr.  07/04/2002  Military
Keene Curtis  10/13/2002  Entertainment,Theater
Billie Bird  11/27/2002  Entertainment
Nedra Volz  01/20/2003  Entertainment
Bill Mauldin  01/22/2003  Cartooning/Comics
William Marshall  06/11/2003  Entertainment
Ronald Reagan  06/05/2004  Politics,Entertainment
Acquanetta  08/16/2004  Entertainment
Jimmy "Baby Face" Mc...  10/28/2004  Sports
Mickey Owen  07/13/2005  Sports
Geraldine Fitzgerald  07/17/2005  Entertainment
William Proxmire  12/15/2005  Politics
Patty Berg  09/10/2006  Sports
Arthur Hill  10/22/2006  Entertainment
Willie Pep  11/23/2006  Sports
Brant Parker  04/15/2007  Cartooning/Comics
Ingemar Johansson  01/30/2009  Sports
Sparky Anderson  11/04/2010  Sports
Sargent Shriver  01/18/2011  Politics
Phyllis Thaxter  08/14/2012  Entertainment
Darrell Royal  11/07/2012  Sports
Abigail Van Buren  01/17/2013  Other

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