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By Cause of Death
Keep in mind that death is often times a result of multiple causes. Or for instance, someone might have cancer but the direct cause of death will be pneumonia. So some of these entries might be open to interpretation.


NameDate of DeathField
Larry Blyden  06/06/1975  Entertainment
Marc Bolan  09/16/1977  Music
Peter Goldmark  12/07/1977  Inventing
Keith Godchaux  07/23/1980  Music
Harry Chapin  07/16/1981  Music
Grace Kelly  09/14/1982  Entertainment,Politics
Kirby Grant  10/30/1985  Entertainment
Pelle Lindbergh  11/13/1985  Sports
Cliff Burton  09/27/1986  Music
Dave Prater  04/09/1988  Music
Carl Hubbell  11/21/1988  Sports
Billy Martin  12/25/1989  Sports
Dottie West  09/04/1991  Music
Sam Kinison  04/10/1992  Entertainment
Alexander Dubcek  11/07/1992  Politics
Julio Gallo  05/02/1993  Business
Drazen Petrovic  06/07/1993  Sports
Taylor Kramer  02/12/1995  Music
Moshoeshoe II  01/15/1996  Politics
Seymour Cray  10/05/1996  Inventing
Eugene Shoemaker  07/18/1997  Science
Princess Diana  08/31/1997  Politics,Social Activism
Dodi al-Fayed  08/31/1997  Other
Rich Mullins  09/19/1997  Music
Paul Jarrico  10/28/1997  Entertainment
Falco  02/06/1998  Music
Cozy Powell  04/05/1998  Music
Junkyard Dog  06/02/1998  Sports
John Holliman  09/12/1998  Journalism
Alan Pakula  11/19/1998  Entertainment
Ian Bannen  11/03/1999  Entertainment
Rex Allen, Sr.  12/17/1999  Entertainment
Desmond Llewelyn  12/19/1999  Entertainment
Bobby Phills  01/12/2000  Sports
Malik Sealy  05/20/2000  Sports
Earl Shinhoster  06/11/2000  Social Activism
John Holahan  08/23/2000  Inventing
Steve Allen  10/30/2000  Entertainment
Stan Fox  12/18/2000  Sports
Thuy Trang  09/03/2001  Entertainment
W.G. Sebald  12/14/2001  Literature
Linda Lovelace  04/22/2002  Entertainment
Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes  04/25/2002  Music
Michelle Parma  10/19/2002  Entertainment
Herb Brooks  08/11/2003  Sports
Helmut Newton  01/23/2004  Fashion,Art
Steve Howe  04/28/2006  Sports
David Halberstam  04/23/2007  Journalism,History
Doug Marlette  07/10/2007  Cartooning/Comics
Randy Savage  05/20/2011  Sports

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