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By Cause of Death
Keep in mind that death is often times a result of multiple causes. Or for instance, someone might have cancer but the direct cause of death will be pneumonia. So some of these entries might be open to interpretation.


NameDate of DeathField
1Hide details for ChondrodysplasiaChondrodysplasia
Michael Dunn  08/30/1973  Entertainment
1Show details for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
1Show details for CIDPCIDP
1Show details for Circulatory ailmentCirculatory ailment
4Show details for Cirrhosis of the liverCirrhosis of the liver
2Show details for ColitisColitis
1Show details for Congenital bowel conditionCongenital bowel condition
1Show details for Construction accidentConstruction accident
5Show details for COPDCOPD
1Show details for Creutzfeldt-Jakob diseaseCreutzfeldt-Jakob disease
1Show details for Crohn's diseaseCrohn's disease
2Show details for DehydrationDehydration
7Show details for DementiaDementia
1Show details for DermatomyositisDermatomyositis
41Show details for DiabetesDiabetes
15Show details for DrowningDrowning
2Show details for Drug abuseDrug abuse
2Show details for Drug interactionDrug interaction
70Show details for Drug overdoseDrug overdose
2Show details for ElectrocutionElectrocution
49Show details for EmphysemaEmphysema
2Show details for EpilepsyEpilepsy
7Show details for EuthanasiaEuthanasia
24Show details for ExecutionExecution
2Show details for ExposureExposure
39Show details for FallFall
8Show details for FireFire
1Show details for Gas leakGas leak
5Show details for Gun accidentGun accident
2Show details for Head injuryHead injury
2Show details for Heart arrythmiaHeart arrythmia
546Show details for Heart attackHeart attack
1Show details for Heart embolismHeart embolism
279Show details for Heart failureHeart failure
3Show details for Heart inflammationHeart inflammation
1Show details for Helicopter accidentHelicopter accident
8Show details for Helicopter crashHelicopter crash
2Show details for HemorrhageHemorrhage
6Show details for HepatitisHepatitis
1Show details for Horse riding accidentHorse riding accident
1Show details for Huntington's diseaseHuntington's disease
1Show details for HypertensionHypertension
1Show details for Immune diseaseImmune disease
22Show details for InfectionInfection
3Show details for InfluenzaInfluenza
1Show details for Internal bleedingInternal bleeding
1Show details for Intestinal diseaseIntestinal disease
1Show details for Intestinal hemorrhageIntestinal hemorrhage
1Show details for Intestinal obstructionIntestinal obstruction

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