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Visitor Stories - Page 15
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *

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Posted: Aug. 19, 2006 Send this page to a friend   

  • Joe DiMaggio - In November of 1991, I had to fly from San Francisco to Philadelphia for some training on some new point-of-sale equipment. While waiting for my luggage, I noticed a distinguished gentleman who looked familiar surrounded by a small group of people. After the crowd cleared, I recognized the man as Joltin' Joe DiMaggio himself. I smiled at him and nodded and he did the same to me. I had heard he was a very private man who really didn't like to be bothered. A few months later I was at the Presidio Golf Club installing the POS equipment and who came in and sat at the bar but....Joltin' Joe! He looked at me with a puzzled gaze as if he recognized me from somewhere. I said "Philadelphia, waiting for luggage, Mr. DiMaggio." He snapped his fingers and said "That's it!" He sipped his drink in silence and left. After that, while on service calls at the club, I would often see Mr. DiMaggio, usually sitting by himself. He never failed to smile and say hello. The last time I saw him was a few years before he passed away. He had finished his drink and left the empty glass and bar napkin on the counter. As I got ready to leave, the bartender handed me the napkin and said, "Joe told me to give this to you." On the napkin was his autograph with the inscription, "I know you were too respective of my privacy to ask for this." WOW! - R.A.S.

  • Johnny Carson - I was standing outside of the Brown Derby and Johnny Carson drove up. I said,"it looks like it's going to be a nice day". He said,"What POSSIBLE difference could that make to YOU?" What a guy. Always with a joke. - Ron

  • Richard Petty - I have a special edition Dodge Motorsport pickup and from the time I bought it I thought it would be really great if I could get Richard Petty to sign the dash. I drove it to North Carolina from my home in Pennsylvania on vacation and finally caught up with him at the Petty race shop. Not only did he sign but he spent time with me and was very nice. I have always hoped that I could meet him and when I did he lived up to the image I had of him. - Jack

  • Ron Guidry - I was a police officer in Coral Springs, Florida. It was the spring of 1987 when I pulled over a car for speeding. It was Ron Guidry, late for a spring training game or practice. Being a huge Yankee fan, I let him go with a warning. He was very nice to me and polite. Just a few days later I was patrolling an apartment complex and was flagged down. The same Ron Guidry needed a jump start for his car. I obliged him and the next day there was an envelope at the station for me with 4 tickets to a spring training game. He was always one of my favorite Yankees. - DMP

  • Robin Williams - During the late 1980s I lived in an apartment on Los Angeles' west side. One sunny afternoon, when I was walking home from the local grocery store, I spotted Robin Williams (behind the wheel of a maroon Toyota Landcruiser) as he waited at the stoplight while I crossed in front of him. I did a double take, but tried to be oh-so cool about it. I could not resist glancing up one more time, but by now, he was reacting to ME as if I were the star! Gasping, covering his mouth, pointing in astonishment. It was hilarious! By the time I reached the curb I was in hysterics! He's a true comic 24/7! Thanks Robin!

  • Loretta Lynn - Back in the early '90s I was shopping in the local Piggly Wiggly... I turned to let a lady skip in front of me because she only had a few items... To my much appreciated glance it was Loretta Lynn. - PW

  • Mel Gibson - I go to Second City every time I visit Chicago. The skits are hilarious. I was pulled out of the audience to participate and was gestured toward stage right when the skit was over. The sidewings were very dark compared to the bright lights on stage and I was totally blind. I tripped on something and fell hard into someone. A good-natured voice that I recognized and couldn't place told me to "Watch where you are going, $%#*#$&." I got back to my seat and put two and two together when Mel Gibson came out for some improv. He is much shorter than I expected. - Brian

  • John Wayne - In 1977, my Marine buddy, Nat, and I were at the Orange Co. Airport (John Wayne Airport) picking up our boarding passes. This very familiar voice behind us says, "Now you kids be sure and give your mother a hug for me." We turned around and there was John Wayne saying good-bye to his grandchildren. After the 'good-byes', I approached the Duke and introduced myself. I told him that we were Marine Reserves and were on our way to a 2 week training stint. I also told him that I worked at Great Western Savings & Loan. Mr Wayne was doing commercials for GWS at that time. He replied, "Son, you are a part of one of the world's greatest organizations." After he shook my hand, I didn't wash it for days.

  • Donna Douglas - During the Roy Rogers festival about 14 years ago I met Donna. She's a very sweet lady. The festival is held every year here in Portsmouth, Ohio. - John

  • Davy Jones, et. al. - It was July, 1967 and I was in the Navy attending school in Maryland. On my weekend off, a friend and I decided to go to Baltimore. It was on a Friday night, and the Monkees were in town for a concert. As we walked along, we came across a whole bunch of people in front of a hotel. They were trying to get a glimse of the Monkees who, they thought, were staying there. Girls were screaming and crying. People had binoculars trying to see them through their hotel window. Some people were saying, "There they are, I can see Mike.....there's Davey....there they are!" Well, after spending a few minutes checking out the hotel with the hoard of fans, my friend and I left, on foot, on the way to "the Block", the party area of Baltimore. It was almost dark when we cut down a side street. We stepped off the sidewalk to cross the street, and suddenly I heard the screech of tires. I looked up to see a black had almost hit us. A window opened up, and a guy looked out and said, "Are you OK?" It was Davy Jones!!! I ran up to the car and saw all four of the Monkees were in the car. I said to Davy, "We're OK.. My name is John....mention me on your TV show, OK?" Davy said, "Sure thing, mate!" Then the limo sped off. To this day I tell people, I was almost run down by the Monkees!! - JEH

  • John Ritter - In the summer of 1986 I was visiting the Los Angeles area and managed to get into the courtroom set where John was filming "The Last Fling" with Connie Selleca. He was extraordinarily friendly and posed with me for a photo which I later used as a senior medical student for my candid photo in the 1987 Univ of Arkansas Medical School annual. What a guy! - FD

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