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Visitor Stories - Page 17
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *

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Posted: Aug. 19, 2006 Send this page to a friend   

  • Bob Costas - A few years back I was vacationing with friends in Indianapolis during a sporting event weekend. A late, late Friday night had us dining in the only local restaurant still open at that hour, and it was packed with late night crazy folk. Our booth was next to Bob Costas' booth, and we watched the parade of bystanders - some would sheepishly approach him, while others rudely interrupted him and his female dining partner. After one such longstanding and long-winded visitor, my friend got up and physically escorted the rambling person away, imitating a bodyguard, and then returned to his seat. Bob then says loud enough for most in the area to hear, but to no one specifically, "There are still some decent people who do the right thing." I reply aloud, "Yeah? But he thought you were Marv Albert," to which Bob answers immediatley, "Better him than a federal magistrate." (this was right after Marv's biting incident) - Rick in Dayton

  • Mike Wallace - I was taking the Amtrak Metroliner from Washington, D.C. to New York in the spring of 1993. As the train was pulling into Baltimore, I went to the club car to get a cup of coffee. When I returned to my seat, Mike Wallace from "60 Minutes" was sitting in it. I began scanning the baggage area overhead to make sure it was in fact my seat. He saw me and asked, "Is this your seat?" "I kind of think it is," I said. "Would you like it back?" he asked. Well, of course I let him keep the seat. He held my coffee for me while I got my bag down. "You're very kind to an old man!" he said as I walked away to find another seat. - Kelley

  • Alice Cooper - My husband and I were on vacation in LA in July 2003. As we were walking towards a street crossing, Alice Cooper was ahead of us waiting for the lights to change. My husband shouted 'Alice' and he turned round and spent a couple of minutes chatting to us. The lights changed and he went on his way. Delighted at meeting someone famous, but kicking ourselves for not getting his autograph or a picture to prove our encounter to folks back home in the UK, we went about our shopping trip. Some 3 hours later we emerged from Macy's and there he was again! This time he pointed and shouted hello to us! As we're from Liverpool, he told us about his many nights with John Lennon, how he was off to tour the UK the next week and couldnt have been nicer. We now have photos of us 'hangin with the Coops,' as he put it, and memories of a truly lovely man. - CG

  • Adrienne Barbeau - Adrienne Barbeau was in my hometown of Charleston, SC to film a campy movie called "Swamp Thing" in the early 1980s. Imagine my wife's surprise when I decided to call her at her hotel and invite her over for dinner. Then imagine MY surprise when she called back! She declined dinner with us, but we wound up having a great conversation about how great the chemistry was between her and Bea Arthur on "Maude." Classy lady. - Dan

  • John Mellencamp - Two friends and I were trying to meet John after his concert at The Woodlands Pavillion (Houston) in 1992. We struck up a conversation with a bellhop at the nearby hotel and he told us the general area where John was staying, so we did a stakeout there. Just as we were about to give up, a black limo pulled up about 30 yards away, so we started walking slowly toward it. John Mellencamp gets out of the limo followed by a leggy, beautiful blonde. I holler, "Hey John!", as if we were old friends, and he turns toward us looking a little startled. He wasn't very chatty, but he kindly signed autographs for everyone gathered. We later had drinks with several of his band members in a nearby lounge. It was a good night. - Daryl

  • Andy Griffith - I met Mr Griffith at a Food Lion in Manteo, NC. I saw him checking out his groceries. He was very quiet but I talked to him. - Spencer

  • Roy Rogers, Dale Evans - I was in the airport in Cincinnati several years ago, headed for my connection to Gulfport, MS. An elderly couple were being pushed by skycaps in wheelchairs and they waved as I went by on the moving sidewalk. I looked and saw who it was. After checking in at my gate, I went to see if I could see them again. They were sitting waiting for a plane to Palm Springs. Sitting all by themselves. I walked over to speak to Roy and said "I'm thrilled to meet you, Mr. Rogers." He got up, shook my hand and said, "Call me Roy." He moved over and said, "Sit down a spell." I was in awe. They were very friendly and asked where I was going and where I had been. When I left and went to turn down the hall, I looked back and they both waved goodbye. Wonderful memories. - Richard H.

  • George W. Bush - After Hurricane Katrina, a co-worker and I worked for FEMA setting up temporary public structures for the schools and local governments in Mississippi. My co-worker worked supervising the set up of these. I was stuck in an office. He met and had his picture with two people: Eddie Favre, the mayor of Bay St. Louis and cousin of Brett Favre, and President Bush. Knowing that my co-worker is a life-long and die-hard Packer fan, I asked him who he was more proud to be in a picture with. His answer without hesitation: Eddie Favre. - Bill of Biloxi

  • Sonny Bono - When Sonny and Cher were filming their movie, "Chastity", in Arizona, I was a freshman in high school along with 2 other of my female friends. We hung around the hotel where they were staying in order to catch a glimpse and a possible interview for our school newspaper. Sonny was so nice and generous. He invited us to sit with him in the hotel restaurant and talked to us for over an hour. He told us how becoming famous and having money had changed the way he and Cher had been treated (not as "hippies" like before they made it), as well as other reflections on his life that he thought would be of interest to young people. He finished up by giving us all autographed albums. I'll never forget how wonderful he was to us and still remember him fondly for that. He was truly a wonderful man. - Francine

  • Wally Schirra - In the spring of 1969 I was a princess in the Winchester (VA) Apple Blossom Featival. Wally Schirra was grand marshal. The other princesses were too shy to approach him, but I started a conversation with him and he was absolutely charming. He told me some stories about the early days of the space program and graciously signed numerous autographs for me to take back to my friends at college. It was the weekend of the Kent State shootings (what a contrast to the festival activities!) and his son was in ROTC at that school, so he was unfortunately called away -- but I'll never forget my encounter with this American hero. - ACS

  • Groucho Marx - I saw him walking on Santa Monica Blvd in 1973. I jumped out of the car I was riding in and ran about a block to catch up with him. "Mr. Marx," I said, "I hate to bother you while you are taking your walk, but I have wanted to meet you all my life." Without missing a beat, Groucho said "I don't blame you," and walked on. - Gary

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