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Visitor Stories - Page 18
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *

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Posted: Aug. 19, 2006 Send this page to a friend   

  • Will Geer - Back in the later part of the seventies, I was a sophomore in high school and lived in Provo, UT. Some of my friends and I used to like to wander around Sundance Ski resort during the summer (there was no film festival at that time). Anyway, there was a stage up on the hillside and all of us friends were part of the drama kids at Timpview high. Well we started to sing and dance and run around on the stage and then we noticed someone was sitting in the seats somewhat back. It turned out it was Will Geer - Grandpa Walton. I recognized him but was too shy to say much. Anyway, he was enjoying our antics. We apologized for disturbing him and his companion, but he was very kind and said we should 'show him what we got' in terms of acting. Nothing ever came of it, but it was fun to sing and dance for someone in the 'biz'. - RBT

  • Gene Barry - I was at a family reunion in California a couple of years ago. Then I saw Gene Barry talking to some of my relatives. I went over to him and asked my relatives why is Gene Barry here. Then Gene said that we are third cousins. I had no idea I was related to him.

  • Dave Peverett - In the mid to late '60s I played in a band that opened for a lot of the rock 'stars' so it was common for me at that time to meet and even hang with celeberities. The encounter that was really meaningful to me, however, took place in '74 after I had quit playing in that band. At that time I owned a couple of music stores. This gentleman struck up a conversation with me and something early in the conversation had led me to telling him about my musical experiences and this man was asking me all kinds of questions about my music. Well about 30 minutes into the conversation it dawned on me that this was Dave Peverett, singer for Foghat (who were in town for a concert). He stood and talked for a good hour and a half to two hours. He then asked me if I would be coming to the concert as he wanted to give me a backstage pass, but my band had to play that night so sadly I missed the concert. I just know that he was a very nice and humble man, and that the world was diminished when he passed away. - Rob

  • Ted Williams - I met Ted Williams in Sacramento, California. It was an autograph session. I recall the charge for his autograph being $35.00. I had him sign a book, "The Summer of '49" or something like that, about a Boston Red Sox pennant run. The person before me had a young child. He signed a ball for the man, but rolled it across the table to the kid with a big smile. When I got up to him (it was a long wait) I asked him if I could shake his hand. He signed, smiled and shook my hand...strong as an ox. I have heard he was tempermental and mean to fans. Not to me. I will always admire him. - beagle47

  • Henny Youngman - I walked into an elevator in a New York hotel and saw Mr. Youngman standing in the rear. I said hello and told him how much I admired his work. He took a business card out of his pocket and handed it to me. It read "HENNY YOUNGMAN, MATHEMATICIAN". On the front of the card it said, "PICK A NUMBER". The numbers were 1 2 3 4. I picked 3. On the back of the card it said, "ALL SCHMUCKS PICK 3". The elevator stopped, he smiled, told me to keep the card, and left. I still have the card. I show it to people often. It's amazing how many pick "3". That was 25 years ago. - John T

  • Rosalynn Carter - I had lust in my heart for Rosalynn Carter. Rosalynn was campaigning for her husband in Columbus, Ohio. She had just given a short speech at the side of the Capitol while President Ford was making a major speech in the front of the building. At her conclusion, people were going up to her to shake her hand and thank her. I thought I would, too. When it was my turn to do so she took my hand, at which time another person interrupted us with a political question. I stood there for about 4 to 5 minutes with both her hands wrapped around mine while she answered his queries. She graciously would not let go until she had acknowledged me. Jimmy, I am sorry, but I felt a little lust at that time. - Doug

  • Joey Ramone - About 25 years ago, a buddy and I were on our way to see the Rattlers, Joey's brother's band. We were on on one side of the street and Joey was walking to the show on the other side of the street. We yelled and started to move toward him and he waved us off, put his head down, and kept walking. I later found out that he was extremely shy and really shunned public attention. Rest in peace. - Danny

  • Bill Cosby - In winter of 1993, a friend and I went to New York to see some jazz at the Village Vanguard. We arrived early and when we entered the club the only people there were a man and a woman, who struck up a conversation with us about the band that was going to play. After a few minutes the man asked to see my Village Voice. When handing it to him, I realized that I had been speaking to Bill Cosby, my childhood hero, for the past five minutes without even realizing it. And he couldn't have looked more like Bill Cosby, he was even wearing one of his trademark colorful sweaters and smoking a big cigar. All of a sudden I was starstruck and started mumbling some nonsense, trying to impress him with my knowledge of his act. Thankfully, my friend gracefully ended the conversation and led me away. - Scott

  • Greta Garbo - In 1952 I worked at the Hampshire House in New York City, where Greta G arbo and many other Famous Stars, Producers and Directors lived. In October, Earl Wilson, a writer, wrote in one of the NY papers that Greta Garbo might return to the movies. When I told her that I was so happy, she looked at me with the saddest eyes, and said, "It's too late." - Jerry

  • Fred Grandy - We were on vacation in summer 1992, and had a layover in the Minneapolis, Minnesota airport. I was in the men's room changing our daughter's diaper (she was about 7 months old), and in walked Congressman Grandy. He was on a layover traveling from his home in Iowa on the way back to D.C. He paused for a brief chat, interested that there was actually someone using the fold-out changing table in the men's room -- they were recent additions at that time. He impressed me as sincere and a genuine, nice guy. We talked briefly, and he was on his way. We still kid our daughter that "Gopher" from the Love Boat has seen her naked! - M.J.

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