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Visitor Stories - Page 2
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *

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Posted: Apr. 29, 2006 Send this page to a friend   

  • Dorothy Malone - For years I was aware that she resided in Dallas, Texas. I had tried several times (unsuccessfully) to contact or meet her. Finally one day at work (Saks Fifth Avenue) I saw this beauitful mature lady wearing a fur jacket and large dark sunglasses. Her trademark blonde hair was a definite giveaway. I had kept a photo of her in my office just in case. After she left I approached her and we chatted for several minutes about her career from working with Jimmy Stewart, Bogart and Bacall to the days of the soap "Peyton Place" to her last project "Basic Instinct" She kindly signed my photo. Since that time we have become friends and she and I will call or send a card/note on holidays. This was a dream come true. She is a kind and lovely lady.

  • Lloyd Bridges - Lloyd Bridges was famous as Mike Nelson in "Seahunt", probably the first and only prime time show about undersea diving. Around 1978 I was out in my boat between Cape Cod and Martha's Vinyard when I encountered another vessel which was broken down. Imagine my surprise when I realized the stranded boater was Lloyd Bridges himself. How many people can claim to have towed in Mike Nelson....

  • Betty White, Angela Lansbury - Growing up during the 1980s, television was a big part of my life. This remained the case when I would spend weekends at my grandmother's house although the programming changed. She really enjoyed shows like the "Golden Girls" and "Murder, She Wrote" and I became hooked on them.   -   In 2001, shortly after moving 2500 miles away from home to Los Angeles, I met two of the stars of these shows. As I stood in line to buy tickets to Bea Arthur's (sarcastic Golden Girl) one woman show, I spotted Betty White (clueless Golden Girl) and Angela Lansbury (mature sleuth) and introduced myself. They were as kind and humble as the characters they played on television.

  • Philip K. Dick - Usually, one would think that a writer of such dark (and often twisted) stories would not be prone to childlike fun. Au contraire... One eve in the '70s, Philip showed his fun side during a casual dinner party.   -   Shortly after dinner, we heard water running in the bathroom for quite awhile, and eventually someone went to check it out. To our surprise, the tub was filled with water. Phil appeared only minimally guilty as he said "LOOK!" -- and there they were -- windup toys bobbing in the tub. From ships to dolphins... frogs to whales... mermaids to deep-sea divers -- everyone picked a toy and the first (and only) Curry Dinner Tub Toy Races began! Organised it was not -- but silly as all get-out. :) Different races, different winners, but when Phil jumped up and down, yelling, "I won! I won! I won!" we all fell apart. Not exactly the picture most would have for the writer of "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?"   -   Over the years, this has become a legendary story among friends and family.

  • Adolph Green - About twelve years ago I sold fruit and flowers at Metro stop in Washington. Mr Green passed in front of my stand. I recognized him but totally forgot his name. I told him that he knew he was one of the writers of Singing in the Rain which I said was one of my favorite movies. Mr Green told me his name and was extremely gracious throughtout the meeting.

  • Bea Arthur - A few years back when Bea was doing her one woman show on Broadway, I met her at Tower Records in Lincoln Center. She was doing a CD signing of the recordeing of her show. What a class act!!! She was sophisticated, genuinely sincere, and very funny. I approached her with an 8x10 picture of her from MAUDE. As she was looking it over she said with her eyes on the picture "That must have been '73 or '74." Then without missing a beat, she raised her head to me, with that slow burn of a stare, and said, "the year honey, not my age!" She smiled, winked, signed my picture, then posed for a photo with me. What a classy woman Bea Arthur is!

  • Terence Stamp - My mother, (living in the UK at the time) used to date Terence Stamp. He would tell her how he was going to one day be a well respected actor. My mother thought he was either full of himself or lying and dumped him!

  • John Wayne - It was at the Orange County Airport, 1968 or '69. I drove down to pick up my Dad who was flying back from a business trip. Back in those days the baggage claim area was really outdoors just with a corrugated roof over it. As my Dad was walking from the plane to the baggage area there was a bit of a commotion. This rather large man was noticable angry with the baggage personnel. His argument, which we could all hear, was that nobody was checking the baggage claim tickets and that "any SOB can take off with any old bag". The man had his back to me and was wearing a sport coat and hat. When he turn around it turned out to be John Wayne himself! Pretty exciting stuff for a teenager to witness. I think of that every time I fly into John Wayne Airport. Today John Wayne Airport is small by most standards but it is enormous compared to when the Duke was there.
    [Editor's note: Orange County Airport was renamed John Wayne Airport after John Wayne's death in 1979. As some longtime site visitors might remember, that factoid came into play in the DOA site's April Fools' Day entry from 2004.]

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