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Visitor Stories - Page 21
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *

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Posted: Sept. 4, 2006 Send this page to a friend   

  • James Lovell - On April 11, 1970 my family and I were among the many who drove over to watch the launch of Apollo 13 in person. Some five or six years later while working in Kansas City, Mo., Jim Lovell was in town to speak for some occasion and he was invited to our office by our boss, a retired Air Force general. At that time I was able to meet him and have my picture made with him. He was very accommodating and a pleasure to meet. The picture is a treasure. - Dick R.

  • Mel Gibson - Once during a week of high school Christmas vacation in the mid-'80s, a group of my friends and I rented one half of a duplex on a resort's ski slopes in Colorado. Well, our group (all teenagers) were partying in the hot tub on the deck of our half of the duplex. Well, it was 5AM, we were a bit loud passing the schnapps around, and a head pops over the dividing fence of the duplex quietly asking us to "Keep it down, please," as his kids were still sleeping..." We all mumbled some sort of apology. And seconds after he walked away from the fence, we realized that was Mel Gibson. - sb

  • Peter Jennings - While stationed in Korea in 1989, I was with a small group of GIs on our way to tour the Demilitarized Zone. We had stopped at a small mall along the way. While standing in the parking lot, 2 cars pulled up wih "ABC News" signs on the side. Several people stepped out, including Peter Jennings, who was there to interview a South Korean general. One of the guys yelled, "Mr. Jennings can we take your picture?" He said "Why don't we get a group shot?" He gathered us around him and posed for several pictures. He shook each of our hands and asked us a little about ourselves. The encounter lasted 3 or 4 wonderful minutes, but then his crew emerged from the mall with the general. Mr. Jennings thanked us for our service to our country and apologized for having to leave so soon. We watched them drive away as he waved goodbye to us. I still have (and treasure) those pictures we took with him that day. What a terrific guy!

  • Olivia Newton-John - I was just leaving work and getting ready to go to a friend's birthday party. I was lamenting the fact I had not gotten her a gift, when the phone rang. It was the deli owner next door, telling me that ON-J had just bought two sandwiches and was parked in front of my gallery. Seizing the opportunity to get the birthday card autographed, I politely tapped on her car window and explained my situation. She said, "I can't believe it!" and threw her sandwich at my chest. Her friend convinced her to just be nice and sign it. She grabbed the card from me and signed it and dropped it on the ground. I stuffed it into the envelope and was off to the party with a big surprise. When my friend opened the card she said, "It's signed 'Elvis Presley'. He's dead!" - M.S. Carmel, CA

  • George Burns, Carol Channing, David Janssen - My other half and I are from England and I travel quite a bit to LA... Spending a wonderful Thanksgiving at the Bel Air Hotel at the end of dinner a gentlemanly old guy came up to our table. "Are you having a good time?" he asked, cigar in hand. "Wonderful, thank you," we replied. Looking at each other we both did a double take...we knew who it was....George Burns!...and it was Carol Channing who then came alongside saying "Come on, time to go, George"! ...and way back just doing tourist stuff in the late '70s I bumped into and chatted with David Janssen from the early "Fugitive" series. Although he at first asked me if I was Australian (he he), he was just one of the nicest of guys! I was so, so sad to hear when he passed away! - Mandy

  • John Carradine - It was in the early 1980s. I was a cashier at a store in Mt. Morris, NY when I stopped in to check on something. As I was entering the store I noticed people looking at me... or I thought it was me. David was going out the exit door as I was coming in. I never did see him... but was within inches of him. He purchased orange juice. His daughter Calista was living in the area at the time and my brother had gone to school with her at Geneseo Central. - Trixie

  • John Mellencamp - In July 2005, my family and I had taken a trip to Va. Beach to see the John Mellencamp/John Fogerty concert. The evening before the concert my wife and kids insisted that we take a walk on the boardwalk. I reluctantly trudged along. Within a few minutes, I noticed someone crossing my path, that I felt I had known for years. It was JCM himself, out with his wife and 2 young sons enjoying some family time. I introduced myself and let him know what a huge fan I had been. He was very gracious and polite. A down to earth kind of guy. It was a dream come true, as I have admired his work for years. - Richard

  • Sally Struthers - While I was working at an art supply store in the midwest, Sally Struthers came in to buy some supplies. She was touring with a production of "Grease" and needed some paint for a project she was working on in her hotel room (transforming an old piece of railing into a toy soldier). She asked me not to give her the total right away. She wanted to guess, and was very happy with how close she got to the correct number. The whole time I waited on her, I wasn't quite sure it was her, but when I saw the credit card, there it was: Sally Struthers. She was very nice and very tiny, about 5'.

  • Fess Parker - I was a mailman in Palm Springs, California and had the privilege of meeting several celebrities such as Kirk Douglas, Rod Taylor, Sydney Sheldon and Harold Robbins through my delivery rounds. My most memorable and enjoyable encounter came when I pulled up to Fess Parker's mailbox. He had just finished a conversation with his neighbor and was walking across his driveway when he spotted me. I got out of my truck and met him halfway with his mail. He was just a great person to talk to. We talked about junk mail, horses, Daniel Boone and the Post Office. When I said good-bye, I turned around to go back to my truck and for some strange reason, my feet came right out from under me and I was going down. As I was falling, Mr Parker grabbed me from under the arms and brought me to my feet. "Whew! You might have owned this place," he said, insinuating that I could have sued him. I replied, "Not a chance, sir. Too much maintenance." We both had a good laugh. - John F.

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