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Visitor Stories - Page 23
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *

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Posted: Oct. 10, 2006 Send this page to a friend   

  • Harvey Korman - In 1957, my parents and I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada from Chicago, Illinois. We were staying in a little duplex off of Santa Paula Drive and our first New Year's there my parents decided to throw a party. Rose, one of their friends from Chicago who was also living in Las Vegas, brought along her cousin and his mother, too. Her cousin was introduced to us as Harvey from New York who was an actor who had a few small broadway roles and did a couple of print ads for Quaker Oats. Harvey, a young man with curly dark hair, and his mother were very congenial. We all had a wonderful time and rang in the New Year of 1958 together. You can imagine my thrill as I later saw Harvey's career take off, first with some parts in a few Disney movies, then the Danny Kaye Show, next Carol Burnett and later, full length motion pictures. Thanks for the memories Harvey Korman. I just wished your mom would have lived to see it. - Jim B

  • Tom Hanks - I happened to be in my company's skybox at an L.A. Dodger's game in the early 2000s. Between innings I headed for the men's room and upon entering heard a very familiar voice. It was Tom Hanks who was there with his young son. Definitely not the place to shake hands, but I complimented him on his work, especially his role in "Cast Away", and he thanked me and said, "You're all right!" Very nice guy as I had heard he was. - Joel B.

  • Omar Sharif, Jim Bouton - While working at Mesler's Amoco in Morristown, NJ in one day I met 2 celebrities. Jim Bouton, former Yankee pitcher and actor Omar Shariff. Jim signed a Yankee pic and Omar gave me his autograph on a sheet of scrap paper I had. I gave some of my music I was writing at the time to Jim and he loved it and asked me for a copy. Omar just said he was still doing some film work but was for the most part retired and enjoying life. This was back in 1980 or so. - Matt M.

  • Jeremy Boorda - I was aboard the USS Saratoga during a joint exercise with the Army. We had a lot of brass from both the Army and the Navy onboard at the time, including Admiral Boorda. Every so often we would give tours to a bunch of generals and admirals through our work spaces. One of my shipmates commented, "Well, we have seen one-star, two-star and three-star generals and admirals come through here. All we need now is a four-star and we will have a full set." Well, as he said that, Adm. Boorda passed by the door and overheard the conversation, because after my friend said that, Adm. Boorda popped his head in and said with a hearty laugh, "Here is your four-star." We popped to attention in military fashion. He had us carry on and he talked to us for a good 10-15 minutes. He asked us all where we were from and left us with some encouraging words before he had to leave for his briefing. He was a very warm and humble person. I was saddened to hear of his tragic death many years later.

  • Clint Eastwood - My husband was working at the courthouse in Salinas, California when Mr. Eastwood came jogging by. My husband said "Good afternoon, Mr. Eastwood," & watched as Mr. Eastwood proceeded to stop & jog back. He came up to my husband, smiled & said "Call me Clint." They continued to talk for awhile until Clint jogged off.

  • Tony Bennett - While walking in mid-Manhattan in the early 1980s, I spotted Tony Bennett coming out of a residence hotel. Before getting into his limo, he noticed an ice cream vendor across the street and went over to get an ice cream cone. In the meantime, I spoke to the chauffeur who told me Tony was on his way to the airport. When Tony returned to the car, with the cone in his hand, I asked him for an autograph. He hesitated, then gave me the cone to hold while he generously signed his name in my little notebook. I thanked him, gave him back the ice cream cone and off he went to the airport. - Charlie A.

  • Lillian Gish - In 1973, actress Lillian Gish was on a book tour in Cleveland, Ohio, autographing copies of her newly published pictorial volume, "Dorothy and Lillian Gish". My fiancée and I went to the signing and had the opportunity of talking at some length with her. I asked her if she and her fellow silent film actors were aware at the time of the impact movies would eventually have on the entire world. She said no, they did not. They were just actors who wanted to work. In fact, for a stage actor, she said, working in the flickers was a step backward in one's career. She added that she thought the great director D.W. Griffith knew, and that he often told his actors so, but they didn't believe him. She graciously autographed the book, "To Hank, With every fond wish. In remembrance, Lillian Gish" What will my descendants think? - Hank

  • J.J. Jackson - J.J. and I grew up in Roxbury, the toughest section of Boston. I went to school with J.J. We attended the PT Campbell Junior High School and then we played football at Boston English High School. Even at an early age J.J. had a winning personality and smile. He was a charmer. We lost track of each other for decades. I recognized him on MTV years later but couldn't believe it was really the same JJ. I was stunned when he had a heart attack and died at such an early age. Rest in peace, my friend. - Tom C.

  • Paul Henreid - I was invited to a fundraising party at a private home in Anaheim Hills. Many stars from "General Hospital" were there as well as a handful of famous movie stars. I was eager to mingle and spot someone really famous to report home to my mom living in England. However, I was detained by an elderly gentleman who kept me talking for about an hour. Don't ask me what we talked about, but after we parted a young new star from GH... (whose name I can't recall, but he had a Scottish accent) came up to me and said "Do you know who you were talking to?" At the time I couldn't remember his name and the young actor smiled and clued me in as to who he was. I remembered the old classic movies and was charmed, even thrilled to think that Paul Henreid had 'flirted' with me... a new mom in her mid twenties! - Jules

  • Jo Stafford - In 1950 I was on a pass to LA from boot camp in San Diego and wound up at the Aragon Ballroom in Santa Monica. Well guess who was playing to my delight and surprise...Jo Stafford. Wow, what a gal and what a velvet voice. I was already in love with her. After the performance she took a minute to chat with me and signed a napkin! That was 56 years ago and I still have the napkin. - Chic A.

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