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Visitor Stories - Page 24
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *

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Posted: Oct. 10, 2006 Send this page to a friend   

  • Dolly Parton - In 1974, three of us from Ireland visited backstage at the Grand Ol' Opry. We met the late greats Marty Robbins, Roy Acuff and a host of other country stars, including Dolly Parton. She was very gracious and we had our picture taken with her. Fast forward to 2003. Dolly was giving a concert in Ireland, and the same three of us managed to get backstage before the concert. One of my friends, on being introduced, said, "I met you in 1974," and then I produced the photo of the meeting in 1974. Dolly said, "Oh my God !!", laughed and started showing the picture to her band members. Of course, she looked the same in both pictures while we were older, white on top, heavier around the middle. She autographed the original photo and we had another picture taken with her. A lovely, kind and gracious lady. - Dermot

  • Tony Danza - It was at Angelo's and Maxie's in NYC and Tony Danza comes in one night with a guest. People left him alone but I knew my wife would kill me if I didn't ask for his autogragh. I turned and asked from the bar if I could have it and he called me over. He wrote, "Lisa, Greg says you're the best. Love, Tony". Great guy.

  • Bud Grant, Fran Tarkenton - I was 10 years old and it was the summer of 1972 and my family was back in Mankato, Minnesota visiting friends. We used to live there in the '60s. My dad and I went to the Vikings practice on the campus of Mankato State University. When the practice was over, Bud Grant and Fran Tarkenton were walking out of the stadium. I jumped in front of them to get their autograph. Tarkenton said, "Not now, kid." My dad told me, "That's OK, we'll see them later." We went over to the Stadium Pizza that was near the stadium. He took me to a door with stairs just inside, and as we walked in, my dad said to follow that waitress down the stairs - so I did. Almost the whole Vikings team was down there, and the first player I walked up to was Bill Brown and he took me to every table to get their autographs. One of the first was Fran Tarkenton's table. My dad was right, Fran was so cool he remembered me jumping out in front of him after his practice. I never saw Bud Grant again but that was ok, I was with "his" Vikings. - Paul S.

  • Eddie Albert - When I was in college in the early '80s, a friend and I went to New York City from Washington, DC for an appointment that, when we arrived, had been canceled. Not to waste the day, we went to see the just-released John Waters movie "Polyester" in Times Square, where we got cards to scratch so the viewer could experience Odorama. Awaiting the flight home that night, we found ourselves at the same gate as Mr. Eddie Albert, looking dashing as always. I walked up to him and said hello, and he gave a friendly smile and handshake. I asked him for an autograph, and the only thing I had in my pocket was the Odorama card. He looked at me oddly, then signed it for me. What a great guy! - Rob L.

  • Joey Bishop - We were in Vegas in 1970. While coming down in the elevator we were enjoying the man with us. I kept thinking I knew him but couldn't put a name to the face. He was telling jokes and kept us laughing for several minutes. When the doors opened, a hotel manager came running up and said to the gentleman, "Mr. Bishop, your table is waiting for you." We just didn't recognize him because he wasn't wearing his toupee. - timetravel

  • Harvey Fierstein - A few friends and I were at the Gay Pride Day parade in Philadelphia, Pa. in June 1997. While I was waiting for my friends to get food from a vendor, I turned around and just about bumped into Harvey. He was carrying a plate of food in one hand and a drink in the other. I stood there with my mouth open and, for the first time in my life, was speechless! LOL...Harvey politely smiled that wide smile of his and walked on. It was a moment I will remember forever... - Louis V.

  • Bob Denver - While waiting at LAX for a flight to Las Vegas, our gate had been moved several times due to construction. I recognized several passengers from waiting in line and if I saw them, I would let them know that the gate had been changed and where it had been relocated. One of these people was reading a science fiction magazine in a bar and I informed him of the change. I later struck up a conversation with him at the gate and we had a one-on-one discussion about my being from Georgia and how Las Vegas had changed since I had been there. He then mentioned that he was in Los Angeles to appear in an "Entertainment Tonight" episode and that was when I recognized him. He was much older looking than the last time I had seen him on television. The white deck shoes should have been a clue [yes, perhaps :) - ed.]. A very friendly individual. - John B.

  • Fred Haise - I work in a restaurant in the Clear Lake area of Houston, TX. Clear Lake is home to NASA and many of the employees and astronauts who work there. Fred Haise and his wife had dinner in my restaurant - in my section this evening 7/21/06. He is very much alive and a nice guy indeed. I didn't realize who he was until my manager told me, but the man is beyond celebrity. He is a national hero. P.S. He ate salmon, rice, and steamed veggies. [And a side of "space food sticks"? - ed.]

  • Burt Reynolds - In the 1970s I worked for a helicopter rental company at the local airport in Savannah, Georgia. Burt Reynolds started the filming of the movie "Gator" and hired my boss to do the helicopter scenes and also transport Burt and the rest of the cast back and forth for the filming. This went on for several days. At one point there was a football game on that Burt wanted to watch, so he sat down on our lobby sofa and watched the game on our lobby TV. The other girl at work with me and I sat down on each side of him and he put his arms around our shoulders for a photo to be taken. It was great fun. He was very nice. The whole cast of "Gator" was very nice. - DPS

  • Ted Kennedy - On the second deck of Reagan National Airport's USAir terminal, almost empty in the early afternoon, I was surprised to see Ted Kennedy approaching. I nodded with a polite recognition tilt to my head, only to get in return, "Hi, John. How are you doing?" I was stunned for a second thinking how he would ever know me, as we had never met. Then I heard, "Fine, Senator, thanks for asking," from another John walking quietly and unnoticed next to me. Oh, well. - JMH

  • Paul McCartney - In the summer of 2002, I was riding on my motorcycle to work in New York City. On 54th street, between 8th Avenue and Broadway, a limousine stopped in the middle of the block. I couldn't see who it was from the back, but I had a feeling it was someone famous. When I reached the corner, I saw that it was Sir Paul McCartney. He had stopped to look at some flowers being sold by a vendor. I jumped off my cycle, shook his hand and said hello. He was very friendly. I can't believe I got to shake the hand of a Beatle! - Bart D.

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