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Visitor Stories - Page 29
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *

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Posted: Nov. 27, 2006 Send this page to a friend   

  • Ken Norton - My relatives were here from Germany pre-1986 and we went to Las Vegas. We had breakfast at Ceasar's Palace. While at breakfast, my nephew argued with his wife and made her cry. After eating we walked around and passed a gift shop where Ken Norton happened to be shopping. I got up enough nerve to say hello. At first he denied being who he was, but then he signed a greeting card I had grabbed off the rack and autographed it to my nephew's wife. My nephew happened to be an ex-boxer. I saw Ken Norton one more time at Ceasar's Palace but I didn't bother him this time. He was very curteous and a great boxer. - John

  • Eddie Guerrero - Right after WWE smackdown finished i ran outside waiting for the wrestlers to come out. until i saw eddie guerrero. my mouth was opend wide out. i asked him to sign my shirt and my WWE +world heavy weight tittle. And he did. but a week later i heard the news. i got so mad i threw all my stuff away! eddie was the i dont watch wrestling as mcuh as b4. - Douglas

  • Lloyd Bridges - A friend of mine and I had just checked into the Hotel Isabella in Mexico City. We were young wives and had decided to take a trip on our own. As I stood waiting by the front desk, I saw Lloyd Bridges across the room. He glanced at me, rushed over, took my hand, and said it was so good to see me. I was so startled, I didn't say a word (very unusual for me). But I wondered if he thought he knew me or if he just saw a fan gazing at him. A few minues later my girlfriend and I got into the elevator and there was Jonathan Winters who glared at us the whole time we were there...maybe because we had punched a lower button but when he got on and punched 10 (or whatever) my friend then punched 11 so we could ride all the way with him. We later learned there was a tennis tournament going on and that the Nelson young man who died in a plane crash (son of Harriet and Ozzie) was also in the hotel though we never saw him. I'm still regretting I didn't say something to Mr. Bridges who struck me as a really nice man. - Nancy

  • Alex Haley - Years back (I would really not say how long ago) when I was in high school, my mother, father and I were on our way back from California and we had a stop-over in Chicago. We were waiting at our gate for the plane to leave, when my father came back to the gate and said Alex Haley was in the airport. We went up, and met him and he was a very generous and kind man.

  • Albert King - In the 1970s, while I was working as a guitar salesman in a music store in Fenton, Mo. late one Saturday night, a fat, cigar smoking old black man came in to look at guitars. It seems he was playing in the bar next door and was on a short break. He sat down in a wide wooden chair with one of our Gibsons and plugged into an amp and started to play his ass off with some blues riffs. A few people gathered around him and he started to fall off to sleep with this bad smelling stogie still puffing in his mouth. As he started snoring, his audience left - except a few. One guy asked who he was. I proceeded to explain that this was Albert King, brother of B.B. [In fact, they are unrelated - Ed.] and he was a blues guitarist. The old man's eyes cracked open just enough to look out as he said, "Man, I am the Blues." He then passed off to sleep again. He left later to finish his gig and get back on his band bus for another show somewhere else. - S.E.S.

  • Johnny Rutherford - I live in Enid, Oklahoma, and every year they hold the Grand National Quail Hunt here. Many celebrities attend this event & even though it is a private affair, they have a celebrity trap shoot & allow the public to attend. In 1995 or 96 I had the honor of meeting Mr. Rutherford & shaking the hand of a 3 time Indy winner! He was such a nice man. Thanks for the memory......... - SM

  • Gerald Ford - I was walking down the street in Hanover, NH many years ago and ran into the former president as he was leaving a speaking engagement at Dartmouth College. I stuck my hand out and mumbled something like "Good afternoon, sir," and he shook my hand, looked me in the eye, and said, "Hello, nice to meet you." He then resumed his walk down the sidewalk. I didnt want to wash my hand for weeks! I kept thinking I have shaken the hand of someone who has shaken the hand of many world leaders - Nixon, Breznev, Kissinger, Ike, all the senators, congressmen, etc. It was a thrill I will never forget. I am glad he is still hanging in there. - GEM

  • Robert Conrad - In 1983, when the Hollywood hype machine went crazy, promoting the new Alan Thicke show ("Thicke of the Night") as the heir apparent to Johnny Carson, I got tickets to one of the first week's shows. The guest STAR for that show was Robert Conrad, a childhood idol of mine, from "The Wild Wild West". The show's opening skit was a play off of the then running, popular commercial for Duracell batteries. Robert would look all angry, daring you to knock the Duracell battery off his shoulder. For the show skit, he was tied up in a mock jail cell, with a very scrawny Alan Thicke, unconvincingly threatening to knock the battery stuck to Conrad's shoulder. Being in a front row studio seat, I let my frustration get to me and yelled out, "Kick his butt! Jim West wouldn't take that...!" Which brought a laugh from the studio audience, for the skit was abysmally slow and unfunny (the show NEVER came up to the hype). When the skit was over and they were setting up for the next skit, I turned to talk to my friend sitting behind me. Then I heard this commanding voice say, "Hi! I'm Bob Conrad." To my amazement, I turned back around to see Robert Conrad standing in front of me with his hand extended to shake mine. I was floored. I shook his hand, whereby he then said, "You're right. Jim West WOULDN'T take that crap." I just looked and said, "Hey, are you kidding me? Jim West would've kicked his ass." Mr. Conrad belly laughed and stood there speaking with me for about 3 minutes about my favorite TV series. A few years later, I met him on three separate occasions, once duing the '84 LA Olympics, where Mr. Conrad remembered me, and reminisced about the Alan Thicke show event. He was so down to earth, and a regular guy. I'll never forget it. - Roger B.

  • Woody Hayes - Once in awhile, our school (Woodward High), in Toledo, Ohio, would be visited by football scouts. Some not recognizable. But one stood out - coach Woody Hayes of the Ohio State Buckeyes. I was going to a class, and he rounded the corner and asked where the office was. I motioned "right thru there." I shook his hand as he walked by. I was in total shock and told all my friends in class. - Chalo

  • Soupy Sales - I have had the pleasure of meeting Soupy four times. The first time was at the Jersey State Fair. I'm gonna save the best for last. The 3rd time was in Philly at a non-sports card show. The 4th time was at the Doo Dah Parade in Ocean City, NJ where I asked him to say a famous line of his while I videotaped it. I said, "Soupy, I appeal to you!" and he replied, "No you don't!!" The 2nd time was the best, unreal and also on videotape. I asked him to throw a pie in my face and he did it. What a thrill!! He was gracious and humble each and every time. - David L.

  • Cloris Leachman - I was driving past the farmer's market a few Sundays ago in Brentwood here in Los Angeles. I stopped at a crosswalk and there was a very fit looking senior lovingly dragging a feisty toddler across the street. It was none other than the beloved "Phyllis" of TV fame. I leaned out the window and congratulated her on her record 8th Emmy Award which she'd won recently. She turned around, stopped, and thanked me warmly, and we chatted for a bit, right there in the middle of the street! She said there was no award greater than what she had in her arms, her little granddaughter named Hallelujah! What a great lady. Since I live in LA we encounter celebrities pretty often but that was my favorite by far. - Miriam B.

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