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Visitor Stories - Page 30
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *

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Posted: Nov. 27, 2006 Send this page to a friend   

  • Leonard Nimoy - I worked at the time in downtown San Francisco and was spending my lunch hour looking at fine china at Gump's department store. Suddenly, Leonard Nimoy asked me to show him and his lady friend some fine crystal. He thought I worked there! I graciously showed him around the crystal department, and helped him select a pattern. When it came time to pay, I shocked him by revealing that I was just a "Star Trek" fan, and didn't work there. I got a very strange look from him then, and blushed a deep red, rushing out of the store as discreetly as possible. - San Francisco Will

  • Bill Clinton, et. al. - On a very hot & humid Tuesday on August 20, 1996 in Jackson, Tennesse, President Bill Clinton along with V.P. Al Gore, their companions; Hillary and Tipper and the children made an unscheduled "meet-and-greet" along the lines where I and over 4,000 other folks were waiting! It was reported that President Clinton's entourage WAS NOT scheduled to stop and greet any visitors at the McKellar Snipes Airport that evening. But because there were so many people who had been standing in the blazing hot sun for over 3 hours or more, they decided to come over and say "Howdy"! I actually kissed Vice President Al Gore on his cheek (I asked permission of course before doing so). And the Secret Service allowed me to hug President Clinton as well... Thankfully, I still have the newspaper article from that special day!! - Ann C.

  • Tupac Shakur - It was 2 september 1996, i was walking on sunset , i was going into a shop, when i came out i can't believe what i saw it was 2pac i walked over to him and asked for his autograph, then he said sure, i asked many questions and he answerd them all, he was so gentle, but 5 days later i turned the tv on and i saw that my favorite rap star had been shot several times in the chest, it was a bad day for me r.i.p 2pac - mvg

  • Barbara Hale - It was 1943 and I was 11 and lived in Hollywood around the corner from the Hollywood Studio club where Barbara Hale encountered me up a tree one day and asked me to come down and talk. I said my name was Barbara Waterfall and she said well I guess we are both all wet. The next day she took me and my friend Kay in her convertible to the RKO studios for lunch in the commisary and to the sets to watch other actors. We toured some of the studio. We had a wonderful day and she often chatted with us on other occasions. She was a real sweet person. I will never forget her. - Barbara Waterfall D.

  • Debbie Reynolds, Donald O'Connor - About 15 years ago, my husband and I went to see a touring production with Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Connor. After the show we went backstage, and Ms. Reynolds chatted congenially with us for awhile and I got her autograph. Finally, Donald O'Connor came out of his dressing room. "Singin' In the Rain" is my favorite movie and I had been a huge fan of his my whole life, and when he was standing there in front of me, I was in awe. I handed him a piece of paper, he signed it, and I stood there like an idiot. My husband still laughs about it, as it's the only time he's ever seen me speechless. - Lisa W.

  • Jim Nabors - My friend and I were on lunch break in Ravenna, Ohio at a McDonalds. We had just arrived and were getting out of the car when we both looked over at the car pulling out next to us and said that the driver looked like Gomer Pyle. Well, he saw us looking at him and he just shook his head yes.....its me!! He was performing at our local theater and was out getting lunch. Weird for our small town. - Dave H

  • Bob Dole, Elizabeth Dole - In 2001, my wife and I were in Washington to see the inaguration of President George Bush. After the ceremony, the president was to ride from the Capitol to the White House. While waiting on the street with a crowd of people, we saw former Senator Bob Dole and his wife Elizabeth walking toward us. They stopped to greet us and even agreed to have their pictures taken with us. Although we saw many famous political figures that day, he was the only one we met personally.

  • Dr. Ruth - My girlfriend and I were on a ski vacation in Canada a few years ago at Mont Saint Anne near Quebec City. Dr. Ruth was there with her family as well (she is an avid skier, even at her age). We saw her at the dinner table next to us at the hotel restaurant and the next day we saw her ski by on the slopes, but hadn't spoken to her, not wanting to disturb her during her vacation. However, the next morning, I walked onto the elevator and Dr. Ruth was standing there. I said hello and we spoke very briefly about skiing and the beauty of the area. She then asked me who I was there with and I told her I was there with my girlfriend. As she was leaving the elevator, she left me with her famous phrase, "Please make sure you use condoms" and told me to have a nice vacation! - DH

  • Neil Diamond - I was in the airport, in El Paso, TX, in the mid-sixties, on my way back east from school in New Mexico. I sat in one of a row of seats that faced a wall with a large mural. I leaned back and stretched my legs out, my feet nearly touching the wall, and closed my eyes. In a few moments, I felt someone lightly trip over my outstretched feet and as I pulled them back, opened my eyes, and sat up, I noticed a young man, with a guitar over his shoulder walking toward a car rental counter. I paid it little mind until the man had finished his business and left, when I overheard the ladies at that counter telling the ladies at the next counter, "That was Neil Diamond!!" Whoops...I had tripped Neil Diamond! - PG

  • John Mellencamp - In June 2005, I was on my way to a local Jeep dealership to finish up paperwork on my new Jeep. While traveling on SR 32, I was stuck in rush hour traffic. I noticed that there was a motorcycle behind me with a rider that looked a little familiar, with a beautiful blonde woman on the back. I at first thought it was a friend's ex-husband, but after about 15 minutes in stop and go traffic, I realized that John Mellencamp was behind me on his way up to Verizon Wireless Center for his concert that night...and the blonde was his famous model wife, Elaine Irwin-Mellencamp. - Brenda

  • Tommy Lasorda - I was in the Marine Corps travelling in uniform back in 1979. Stuck in the Atlanta airport at 4 in the morning, I went to the restaurant to get some coffee and there were two gentlemen sitting at the counter, the only people there. One was Tommy Lasorda and he asked me to sit with them rather than sit alone. We three talked and had coffee together just like a couple of old war buddies. And yes, Mr Lasorda paid the bill and gave me his autograph. He's a true gentleman and I'll never forget him. - JLS

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