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Visitor Stories - Page 32
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *

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Posted: Jan. 21, 2007 Send this page to a friend   

  • Joan Collins - Back in 1992 while in Rome, I noticed a woman in a drugstore with a large white hat & dark glasses. Upon further investigation, my wife and I concluded it was Joan Collins. Upon realizing she was spotted she left that store and went into the next small shop. I decided to follow, but as I tried to find her, there she was directly behind me. She quickly was in my face and started yelling at me to stop following her and to leave her alone. I was so intimidated that I never got a chance to even take her picture. - Ken

  • Jerry Jeff Walker - He'd just arrived at the Texas Chilimpiad one year (the men's companion to the Big Ladies Chili Cookoff at Lukenbach). He was standing at the gate watching people arrive. They were just announcing it was time to submit the judges' samples. We talked about the risk to his voice if he snatched some, but he said he could eat anything and still sing. He did and he did. - Bill W.

  • Joe Namath - Back in the '70s as an early teen living by the beach in Fort Lauderdale, we used to play football at the beach after school. Broadway Joe would walk the beach with his honeys and stop and play QB for us. I was 13 and caught passes from Joe. - Jon

  • James Drury - At a show in Lake Tahoe in the early '70s, my husband and I sat with some friends near James Drury, his wife, and their sons. My husband encouraged me to ask Mr. Drury for his autograph. After he signed on the back of my husband's business card, James Drury gave me a sweet kiss on the lips! That started a line of ladies wanting his autograph, and a kiss. Unfortunately for them, they only recieved his "John Henry". I really felt blessed! Mr. Drury and his family were so gracious and courteous. I wish that more celebrities were like them. - Ruthie

  • O.J. Simpson, Nicole Simpson - I was a medical student back in the late 1980s in New York City, living in Little Italy, not far from Greenwich Village. The Rolling Stones were in town and, as was not unusual, a rumor was flying over the airwaves that they were playing an impromptu gig at the famous China Club one night. So I and several hundred other gullible people showed up outside the place that sign of the Stones, but an unmistakable O.J. Simpson came out of the place, with a tall, beautiful blond on his arm (who I only some years later realized was his wife, Nicole Simpson. They smiled and waved at the crowd. Looking back on it, it was a bit creepy. - RCS

  • Andy Summers - Back in 2002, I was part of an art and music foundation, and one of the presentations we made was the Andy Summers Trio in Panama City, FL. After the concert, we went to the beach house of one of the directors and Andy came with us. Ricardo, my 4-year-old son, also came with us and Andy told me that he had a son of the same age. So Andy made a good connection with my son and he held him and taught him some guitar moves using his personal Stratoscaster. I took some pictures and I told my son that when he grows up he can show all his friends the pictures of Andy Summers holding him and playing guitar with him. - Eric

  • Pete Rose - I was working at a pizza delivery place a few years back and as I was about to run a delivery I noticed the exit was blocked by a large volkswagen SUV. I got out of the car to see if anyone was in it so I could ask them to move. As I stepped out, so did the other driver. He was wearing a nice tan trench coat and look awfully familiar to me but I couldn't pinpoint who he was. He looked at me and I asked, "Do I know you?" He quickly replied, "No." I said, "Are you sure?" He cracked a grin and said, "I bet you don't." It hit me two days later and I started laughing. I guess I won that bet. [Eventually - Ed.]

  • Greta Garbo - While standing on the Champs Elysées I was looking at a map when Greta Garbo got up from her table at a sidewalk cafe and came over and asked if she could help me. That was the first time I was ever excited about meeting a famous person and I've met many. - Schnurri in Jackson Hole

  • Marion Ross - I was working the day shift in master control at our local ABC affiliate one day when I looked out through the front door to see a white limousine pulling onto the parking lot. Figuring that it must be "somebody" who had come to visit the station, I watched the front door to see who our distinguished visitor could be. A few minutes later, the front door opened and in stepped Marion Ross. For a famous person, she is very down-to-earth. She really is "Mrs. C." in real life! - Scott

  • Susan Sarandon - In a small town in Santa Paula, Susan was filming a movie and she was the most beautiful person. She took the time out to smile and wave at fans even while she was on the telephone. She also took photos with her fans and was driven away with her small white pooch on her lap. - Mickey

  • Ted Williams - Must have been ca. 1949. I was a teenager awaiting the Shriners parade on State St. in Chicago in July. Suddenly a tall fellow, tieless in a sport coat and sport shirt, jaywalked to the east side of the street near the Chicago Theater. I was leaning against a pole and this tall fellow leaned against a pole about 30 yards away. I recognized him as my hero, Ted Williams. He looked at me for about 30 seconds and I looked at him. I was too bashful to say, "Hello, Ted," and he finally went his way, knowing full well that I recognized him. I was waiting for the parade on the wrong street; should have been 2 blocks away on Michigan Avenue. - Nate

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