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Visitor Stories - Page 34
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *

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Posted: Feb. 20, 2007 Send this page to a friend   

  • George Peppard - When I was a young 16 year old back in the '60s, George was making a film near my home in Ireland called "The Blue Max". Now I was serving my time as an apprentice projection operator at the Green cinema in Dublin so on one of my free days my father took me out to where they were filming the scene where he crash-landed the plane. When he finished the scene, he was walking back to his trailer and started to talk with me. I told him what I was working at and he talked about some of the things he was at and how he loved Ireland. To me he was a true gentleman. - Eddie M.

  • Billy Barty - I was 13 and working at the Humane Society in Denver. As a promotion for the movie "Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood", the dog and his co-star, Billy Barty, came to visit all the kids who volunteered their time at the Humane Society. I remember that the dog had his own limosine and most of us were more excited to meet the canine star, a beautiful German shepherd. Mr. Barty was kind enough to sign autographs and did not seem at all put out to be upstaged by a dog.

  • Hillary Rodham Clinton - I suppose it's boring to meet a political persona near election time, but this is a good one. So I went to see "The Pajama Game" on Broadway on Mother's Day with my mother. We had good seats: middle orchestra, maybe the 10th row? And, like every woman in the theatre, my mother had to go to the bathroom at intermission. Even though lines are always very long, she seemed to be taking much more time than usual. So, I turned around and I saw this big crowd of people. The lights flickered for the beginning of Act II and the crowd died down. I realized that the only person that remained in the crowd was my mother, to which I said, "Oh, of course my mother would do that." Well, it turned out she was schmoozing with Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton. My mother had the two of them wave at me right before the orchestra began playing. After the show we met up and had a quickee chat. She wished me luck in college. I wished her luck in the next election. Afterwards, I told my parents, "You know, we had better seats than they did. Although they were in the aisle, we were much closer up..." - Kenny

  • Davy Jones - My wife and I were at EPCOT in the late '90s, and we just happened to be walking along the American Pavilion and saw that a concert would be starting soon. It said Davy Jones would be appearing. I thought that maybe it was just the name of some band or an impersonator as I couldn't imagine that someone as famous as Davy Jones would be doing a free concert at Disney. Well, it was really him. He still sings great and is a great entertainer. During an intermission, he walked around and shook hands and spoke with almost everybody in the audience, including us. Then he announced that after the show he would sign all autographs, and some people had even brought Monkees albums for him to sign. If only I had known he was going to be there, I'd have brought my album also. A very nice down to earth guy. - Andy

  • Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash - Once, when stopped at a red light behind a small tour bus in Hendersonville, TN, I noticed June and Johnny in their black Mercedes. She was driving and had rolled down the blacked-out window to wave at the fans in the bus. Johnny leaned across June to join in the wave and the tour bus literally tilted to one side since everyone had moved over to that side to wave at them. Good folks.

  • Glen Campbell - I had the pleasure of meeting Glen Campbell after one of his shows he performed at the Crystal Grand Music Theater in the Wisconsin Dells on April 29, 2000. I was very impressed by Glen, he talked with me for about a half hour about music and other things unrelated to music. He posed for pictures, autographed some records and CD's I had brought along, and also gave me some guitar picks he used during his shows, which he autographed. Super nice guy who is very gratious to his fans. - Kevin

  • Arthur Fiedler - My father played trombone for Arthur Fiedler when I was a child. One day, when I was 5 years old, my father took me backstage to meet the great symphony conductor. Mr. Fiedler shook my hand formally and asked me about myself. I told Mr. Fiedler that I wanted to learn to play the harp someday, and he said, "What an ambitious little girl you are!" I will never forget it.

  • Dom DeLuise - In 1975, I graduated from high school. My grandmother was a fashion buyer for a chain of stores in west Texas. Twice a year (in New York City and Dallas) the fashion industry has a "market" where the next seasons fashions are shown. As my graduation present, my grandmother got permission from her company to take me to New York City as her "Assistant/Junior Fashion Buyer". Miliken Fabrics, as part of their sponsorship during market, used to host a breakfast that not only included a fashion show, but also some entertainment. That year, they incorporated a skit into their fashion show, and that year's guest was Dom DeLuise. This was a year after he appeared in the movie "Blazing Saddles" as well as a cancelled TV series called "Lots of Luck". Totally unrehearsed and unplanned, Mr. Deluise was "chased" off stage (by "gangsters" in the skit) and ran through the audience. Much to my delight, not only did he "hide" behind my chair, but he also slid my chair out and sat in my lap!! Before he got up, he kissed my cheek and thanked me. That was a graduation present to remember. - Deborah B.

  • Lena Horne - In the early '90s, my mother and I saw her one-woman show at the Warner Theater in Washington, DC. After leaving the theater, we saw a limosine and asked the waiting chauffer if it was for Lena and he nodded. So we waited with several others. When she emerged, she seemed so pleased to see us. She graciously gave autographs to all who asked and conversed with us like old friends for several minutes. - TMB

  • Leonard Nimoy - After the "Star Trek" series had ended, and his short stint in "Mission: Impossible" was over, Mr. Nimoy did some off-Broadway shows. My dad had an antique shop in the vacation town of Galena, Illinois. On a busy weekend, the word went out that Mr. Spock was in town (his gig was in Chicago). I saw all of the autograph hounds swarming him and his family. They really looked Hollywood. I thought that I would be cool and mention that I enjoyed his folk song album (Nimoy started out as a folk singer). When I said this, Nimoy looked at me and calmly replied, "SO...You're the one!" I was so flustered, I never did ask for an autograph! - Joe R.

  • Richard Nixon - In 1965 my first job was as a mail clerk for the Irving Trust Company Bank at 1 Wall Street in New York City. One night at around 6 P.M., riding in the executive elevators, a well dressed man said, "You're not supposed to use these elevators." I said, "I know, but I figure all the execs are home by now." He introduced himself to me as the president of the bank. For months I would run into him and one evening about 6 P.M. he was standing with Richard Nixon and introduced me. Although never a fan of Nixon's, it's hard to forget - J.OM

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