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Visitor Stories - Page 35
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *

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Posted: Feb. 22, 2007 Send this page to a friend   

  • David McCallum - I was in the Newark airport in 1988 to pick up a friend flying in from Hawaii. I was walking towards the gate and in the crowd saw David McCallum. I knew it was him right away. He looked just the same as Ilya in "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." I asked him if he was coming off the flight from Hawaii and he said yes, and then said, "David McCallum, it's a pleasure to meet you," and offered his hand. Later, when I met my friend, we went to the baggage claim and there was McCallum waiting alone with a porter to pick up his luggage and we talked with him at length. My friend was kinda drunk and said that back in the '60s people used to think I looked like Ilya. When we finally said goodbye to him and he shook our hands again I recall him looking at us kinda quizzical, as to how we were such fans of the show. Remember this was 1988, and it was a pretty forgotten show by then, and we were the only ones to recognize him. At any rate, he was a cool person to meet. - Michael

  • Milton Berle - I was at a animal rights gala and Uncle Miltie had been in hiding for many years and was at the gala. He had stopped smoking his cigars but would still have one in his mouth. He stepped outside at the same time I did. I kept my distance but found out that he was a vegetarain for more then 50 yrs. This was around 1989. - Donna

  • Joan Fontaine - My cousin, who lives in Pebble Beach, CA, told me of an encounter she had with Joan Fontaine. Miss Fontaine lives near there in Carmel Highlands and goes out to eat occasionally in Carmel. My cousin had seen her in several restaurants before and finally got up the nerve to go speak to her and get an autograph. Being the star struck person that she is, she got a bit flustered when she went up to her and said, "I just loved you in 'Gone With The Wind.'" Ms. Fontaine got mad and said, "That was my sister!" and then asked her to leave. Needless to say, she didn't get her autograph. OOPS wrong movie! - Dean C.
    [Joan Fontaine and Olivia de Havilland, though sisters, are known for their decades long feud. - Ed.]

  • Clint Eastwood - I was a Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton, C,A at the time the movie "Heartbreak Ridge" was being made. Clint and the cast came to our camp to spend the day with us and to learn about the weapons and tactics employed by Marines. At the end of the day I was one of a few "defenders" on a hilltop position as the actors made an assault. It was very surreal firing blanks at Clint and company as they charged towards us. He seemed very nice and down to earth. I will never forget this once in a lifetime encounter. - Former Jarhead

  • Wilford Brimley - I was living in Las Vegas, NV and was out at The Landmark Casino during National Finals Rodeo week when after a Moe Bandy concert I was joined at the crap table by Mr. Brimley. He was very cordial and a great crap shooter.

  • Eddie Gaedel - Either 1957 or 1958 I met Eddie Gaedel, the midget that Bill Veeck signed to pinch bat for the St. Louis Browns. I was doing advertising layouts at a Chicago Loop office when Gaedel delivered a package. I asked him why he didn't take a swing at a pitch (he walked on 4 pitches). His reply was a cute gesture and oral response that, "They gave me a little bat." - Nate B.

  • Ernest Borgnine - I was helping my sister move and we were driving south on Highway 5 in California. We had pulled over at the rest stop that overlooks Mt. Shasta. I got to talking with some guy there about my ascent of Mt. Shasta a few years earlier. He seemed familiar but I was tired and couldn't recall who he was. When I returned to the truck my sister said, "So what did he say?" I said, "What did who say?" She said, "Ernest Borgnine." and it all clicked in. At that very second, Mr. Borgnine knocked on my window and wanted me to retell my tale of the climb to one of his traveling companions. He seemed enthusiastic enough to do it himself right then and there and we chatted for some time. Depending on traffic, his motor home and our moving truck played leapfrog for about 150 miles before we lost track of each other, but each time he passed us he honked, smiled, laughed and pointed at us. A very nice down to earth man who helped us enjoy the passage of time. - Dave U.

  • Jacqueline Kennedy - Springtime 1968, walking along Fifth Ave.... When I passed by 1040 Fifth Ave, Mrs. Kennedy came out of the door of her apartment building there, said hello to me and jumped into the back of a taxi. This was before she was married to Mr. Onassis. - Jim

  • Pierce Brosnan - My wife and I were vacationing in California in June of 1992. We went to this secluded beach in Malibu called Paradise Cove. This beach was made famous as the location for James Garner's character's trailer in "The Rockford Files". We were about to have lunch so I went over to the outdoor showers to clean up. I turned to my right and, lo and's Pierce Brosnan showering right next to me. He is not that tall (I'd say about 5'9"). I asked him for a picture. He refused. Didn't say a word. He just walked away. I was determined to get a picture. When he walked past the restaurants large window....I took the picture while we were having lunch.

  • James Brown - One night in Compton, California, James was coming out of the back door of a club he had just played at. As we drove by, I was suprised to see how short he was. I waved and he waved back. Bless you, James. - Andy
    [This story was submitted one month before James Brown's death - Ed.]

  • Ted Williams - In the early 1990s, while on vacation in Aruba, I was walking along a quiet stretch of beach with a friend. Walking in front of us we came upon an older gentleman, of somewhat larger stature, and a smaller woman. Immediately, even from behind, my friend and I both mentioned that the man looked like Ted Williams. Upon getting closer, we realized that it was most definitely him. My friend and I both pondered introducing ourselves to him or leaving him be. Though we were both from New England and both Red Sox fans, we figured this would probably be our only chance at meeting the "Splendid Splinter". So upon reaching them, we said hello to Mr. Williams and his companion and introduced ourselves. We walked with the both of them for about 5 minutes and talked of New England and Aruba and about how we were both Sox fans. A memorable moment. - KSL

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