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Visitor Stories - Page 39
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *

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Posted: May 26, 2007 Send this page to a friend   

  • Robert Kennedy - When Robert Kennedy was running for the presidency, my uncle, Angelo Geocaris, was one of his inner circle in Chicago for a dinner honoring Kennedy which was themed, "Excellence in Politics". I attended and afterward walked up to the stage where Bobby was alone gathering some papers. I wanted to get his autograph. When he saw me walking straight up to him, he blanched and looked very frightened. I was surprised and said, "No, Mr. Kennedy, I am Angelo Geocaris' nephew. I just want your autograph," which I got and still have on the program. The surprising thing is that a very short time later he was murdered by Sirhan Sirhan right after a similar event. I am a dark-complected Greek-American and have often been taken for a Middle Easterner. I wondered if Kennedy saw me and had a premonition! - Peter M.

  • Henry Winkler - When I was 7 years old, in 1976, Henry Winkler appeared with many other celebrities at a benefit for a children's charity. This was at the height of Happy Days' popularity. I had read that he hated getting called the Fonz so, being the little kid that I was, I asked him,"How come you don't like to be called the Fonz?" He replied,"Cause I'm Henry!!" - David L.

  • Micky Dolenz - I was in a bike shop in the Valley in 1994 and met Micky Dolenz. We started chatting about bikes and stuff and he gave me his card and told me to call him so we can go mountain biking. He was there to buy a bike for himself and his daughter Ami. His card read: Micky Dolenz, Ami's father. I thought that was cool. I said, "Hey, are you a Monkee?" And he said, "Yeah!!!" I never called Micky. Living in L.A., I've met many celebs and have never felt awkward but with Mr. Dolenz...what the hell would I have to say to him? ..."Uh, Micky, my mom always thought you were great!!!" hahhhahahaha - CM

  • Jonathan Harris - I met the famous "Dr. Smith" at a sci-fi ralley in Cleveland early 2001. I had him autograph a picture to my name and he actually said my name in that "scheming" voice along with.."What an interesting name". Too cool. - Joe B.

  • Ben Johnson - I had always loved Ben Johnson in all those western movies, but imagine my surprise when in the summer of 1995 while I was living in Mesa, AZ when I saw him and an elderly woman at a vegetable market. I was too shocked to go up to him and speak but about thirty minutes later ran into them again at the grocery store where I shopped. This time i decided to go up to him and speak. I said, "Are you Ben Johnson?" He answered, "Well, yes, I am, little lady." He shook my hand and it was dwarfed by his very large one. He then asked me to come over and meet his mother. They acted so friendly toward me and even invited me to their home sometime, which was in a senior community close by. Unfortunately, I never went and was sorry when I learned that he died several months later. - Patricia M.

  • Pierce Brosnan - My husband and I were on vacation in Portugual touring a castle when I saw a group of men at a distance coming toward me. We thought it was a bunch of soccer players, seeing there were many games going on that week. When they passed me, I saw that one of the men was Pierce Brosnan and the rest were his bodyguards. I was so excited, so of course we followed him, trying to get him on video. He came out of a little shop as we pretended like we just happened to be there when all of a sudden he walked up to me and my husband and asked where we were from as he shook our hands. I asked him what he was doing in Portugual and he said he was there making a commercial for a new beer. He said, "I have to make a living." And then he walked off with his bodyguards. I must say that he is as handsome as he is in the movies and was very friendly. - Carolyn from MA

  • Larry David - I am a caricature artist and was drawing at an event in a suburb near Chicago, around March 2003 when a man and woman sat down before me. I asked the man what he was famous for. He looked down and kind of hesitantly said he was Larry David, then explained, when he saw my puzzled look, that he was the writer/producer of "Seinfeld" and had a new program out called "Curb Your Enthusiasm." I drew Larry and the woman and titled it, "A caricature about nothing." When I got home, I looked up Larry David on the Internet, just to see if this guy was telling the truth. The balding man I drew had a completely buzz cut hair style and an oddly bent nose, glasses, but not the bushy white hair I saw of the man known as Larry David. I was uncertain. Some time down the road, I checked out a video of CYE and in one episode Larry was wearing a cap, his bushy hair tucked up inside it. He turned his head and there was the unmistakable nose. It was confirmed. I drew Larry David! - MarleneKG

  • Michael Learned - I went to a play in Jacksonville, Florida with my friend and his new girlfriend. The play was "Love Letters", starring Michael Learned (the mother on the TV series "The Waltons") and Gavin McLeod ("Love Boat"). My friend's girlfriend claimed to know Michael Learned and said she could get us backstage and also dinner with her. I didn't believe it because she always claimed to know a lot of celebrities. Well we did go backstage and did go to dinner with her. What a nice lady and really down-to-earth. PS: We just attended another play in Tampa in December 2006 ("On Golden Pond") and had dinner with her again. Once again a superb individual. - Joe

  • Martin Sheen - In 1986 I was working as an usher in Toronto, helping to put myself through university, when, during a screening of "Stand by Me", Martin Sheen came up to me and said, "I don't have a ticket, but I'm with those guys," as he pointed to a couple of men in the corner. I was thinking, "This is Martin Sheen! He can go in if he wants...I'm not going to stop him!" So I said, "Go ahead, Mr. Sheen, I'm a big fan of yours" and he flashed me a smile and went on through. It was during this time that I noticed a scent of scotch on his breath. I figured, this is Martin Sheen, if he wants to knock back a couple of drinks, so be it! - Stu I.

  • George Jones - In the early '80s I worked for a radio station in Greenville, SC. We were having a "Family Reunion" concert at an outdoor venue. Then came the rains - tornado warnings to be exact. There was so much of George Jones' equipment on stage we all (DJs) had to carry it to his trucks. We were up to our knees in mud, laughing about some jokes we were telling each other...then we heard a new voice. I turned around and behind me with the handles of the equipment in his hands was George - up to his knees in the mud. He was just like us, nothing was beneath him. Thanks George !!

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