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Visitor Stories - Page 44
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *

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Posted: Aug. 23, 2007 Send this page to a friend   

  • Redd Foxx - My wife and I were taking the NBC studio tour in Burbank with a small group, including our nine-month-old daughter. The tour guide had cautioned us not to expect to see many stars, but we had already caught glimpses of Ed McMahon, Dom DeLuise and Charlie Callas before the tour stopped outside a soundstage, where the guide told us they were currently rehearsing "Sanford and Son." Suddenly the door opened and out stepped several actors, including Redd Foxx and Demond Wilson. Redd was extremely cordial, making conversation with several of us on the tour. When he saw my infant daughter, he patted her forehead and quipped to Demond Wilson, "she's good lookin'....for a white woman!" Everybody got a good laugh, and as we moved on, the tour guide told us we had seen more celebrities than any other tour he had conducted. - Kelly's dad

  • Moe Howard - I was 16. A huge Stooges fan. My sister worked for a grocery chain in Beverly Hills, and I was waiting in her car. Then, I noticed a yellow Toyota pull up behind me and Moe got out. I had no idea this was going to happen. I got out to greet him by shaking hands. We talked for a bit and he invited my sister and I to his house for lunch, which unfortunately never took place. I will cherish that moment forever. - Dave

  • Brooks Robinson - In 1982 I was almost 11 years old and living in Waldorf, Maryland. My family and I were big Baltimore Orioles fans, and always watched Brooks Robinson (former O's 3B) commentating. That year a Crown gas station had a grand opening, and Mr. Robinson was appearing (he did commercials for them). My mom took me and my two brothers to meet him. She asked to have our picture taken with him. He said "Sure, and if it doesn't come out, come back and take another!" Also, the next year, he was doing another promotion, and my brothers and I went with my dad. Well, Brooks and my dad started reminiscing about baseball (my dad had a friend who was a sports photographer, so he got to meet a lot of sports figures in the 1960s). Much to my surprise, they started talking about when they first met back then at an O's game! I also remember that second encounter, because Brooks shook my hand, and said, "Who's this pretty young lady?" He is a true Southern gentleman! - Carla

  • Beverly Sills - My daughter worked at Temple Music Festival in Ambler, PA when she was a teenager. They had all the top name stars appear there, but one really impressed my daughter. That was Beverly Sills. She always greeted the girls in a pleasant way, and by the end of her engagement there she knew most of their names. Not every star was as gracious as Ms. Sills. - Dorothy P.

  • Anthony Zerbe - My girl friend and I were talking one day about how we had never written fan letters before and we each decided to write a fan letter to our favorite actor. I wrote to Anthony Zerbe. I didn't ask for anything - just told him how much I enjoyed his work. Imagine my surprise when a couple weeks later, he called me on the phone and thanked me for my letter! He also told me about a stage show that he did with Roscoe Lee Browne and a couple years later I was able to see the show in Las Vegas. - Doskymom

  • Jay Leno - Jay Leno was only just becoming famous from his appearances on "Late Night with David Letterman", when, as myself and two friends were entering a deli in New York, he and his wife were coming out. One of my friends and I immediately recognized him, and said "Hey, Jay Leno!" To our delight, he replied, "Hello, fellow thespians!" (We were not....) He laughed and joked, and introduced his wife, Mavis (who, to her credit, was polite, but seemed bored at the gawking at her husband). The guy could NOT have been nicer or more genuine. So much so, that as we said goodbye, our other friend, who did not know who he was, turned and said, "Is that guy a friend of yours?" Needless to say, I was so impressed by his down-to-earth demeanor and that he made time for a couple of fans, that I am to this day glad to see his success. - JCD

  • Betsy Palmer - I was on my way from Elmira, N.Y. to Bottineau,North Dakota via train, by way of Chicago and Minneapolis. A winter storm was blowing and after leaving Chicago on the Northern Pacific, I realized the attractive lady across the aisle was very familiar. Her brown brief case bore the initials B.P. I asked if she was Betsy Palmer. She said,"YES...but don't let it get around!" She was headed to St. Paul for the Winter Carnival and her flight had been grounded by the storm. I always thought she was pretty on "I've Got A Secret". In person, she was just as beautiful! - Jay W.

  • Gene Hackman - My wife and I were tired newlyweds after a flight from San Francisco to John Wayne Airport in LA. We waited outside the terminal for a shuttle bus to take us to our hotel near Disneyland. I don't know why, but there was no one else around in the area we were waiting. It was amazingly devoid of people. I was standing sleepily at a curb as a bus pulled up. It wasn't ours, but just then a man and woman walked within inches of my face. He was so close that he stepped on part of my shoe. I almost yelled at the guy for being so rude until I looked at him as he sat down in the bus all to himself and his pretty Asian significant other. Gene Hackman! I love him! I figured he'd be picked up in a limo instead of some stinky old shuttle bus. Well, I always rolled my eyes when I heard my friends talk about being starstruck. I thought they were fawning idiots. But I whispered, "Did you see who that was!" excitedly to my wife. "Gene Hackman!" "No way," my wife said. I motioned for her to take a peek into the bus. "Oh, my God, it's him!" "Yeah, he just walked in front of me, and I was going to tell him what a jerk he was, but then...blah, blah, blah..." So I had become a starstruck idiot, too. I almost bothered him for an autograph but I chickened out because he gave me a look as if he wanted to be left alone. I always wondered, though, why he got into my space so I'd notice him. Actors! - Jimmy S.

  • Art Linkletter - I was working for a car rental company at the airport in San Diego. Long story short - it was raining very hard (in San Diego, can you believe it?) and I'm about to park a car when another car pulls up in front of me. I'm ticked off because I have to get out of the car, as the other driver gets out and apparently has a question for me. Well, it was Art Linkletter and he asked me, "Sir, can you tell me where we go to park this rental return?" Here he was talking to this 22 year old kid in an Avis shirt and he was so polite, a total gentleman and a nice guy. - Tom

  • Julio Iglesias - I was 14 years old, living in a country in the third world and I was already part of the working class. I was working in one of the restaurants at the Aurora International Airport in Guatemala City; when at one of the tables at our restaurant I saw him...yes...Julio Iglesias himself. It seemed like he just got there because there were only about 4 people around him...I walked by his side and observed how his fans were asking for his autograph. He looked into my eye...then after a brief silence he asked me if I wanted his autograph too. I smiled and replied, "Yes, sir." He said, "Don't call me sir..just Julio." Then I said, "Thank you, Julio" and he grabbed a napkin and with a blue ink marker wrote: "From Julio, enjoy life, live happy." (in Spanish). I don't know what did I do with that napkin, I just think he was very polite in offering his autograph and briefly interacting with me on that day. I am 45 now, I wish to meet Shakira, that South American goddess. Yes, sir :) (lol) - SIMBA

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