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Visitor Stories - Page 46
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *

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Posted: Oct. 7, 2007 Send this page to a friend   

  • Vincent Price - While working at the large theatre space at my college I was assigned to prepare the lighting for a reading by Mr. Vincent Price. Afterwards, he checked the simple lighting and he asked if I could bring him a pot of tea and two cups. He invited me to join him for tea. We chatted for over an hour about food and art, and we touched on movies. He said his favorite role was in "Theatre of Blood", where he combined Shakespeare and horror. He could not have been more pleasant and genuine. - JMU

  • Patricia Neal - On this particular night I was in the theatre waiting for the show to start. I immediately recognized Patricia Neal entering the row in front of me.She sat directly in front of me. She dropped her ticket. I picked it up for her and we chatted before and after the show. Her beauty still shines and her spirit was lovely. I showed her to the back door after the show and we had a few laughs about life. It was a thrilling moment. - J Eric

  • Malcolm McDowell - In November of 1994, I was in Minneapolis Twin Cities airport on a layover en route home to California. I saw a rather striking looking, tall, white-haired gentleman, dressed in black, with a beautiful woman at his side. I recognized him immediately to be Malcolm McDowell, one of my favorite eccentric British actors. Since the timing was exactly around the opening of the film "Star Trek: Generations", in which he appeared, I would guess that he had been either on his way to or from the Opening Night ceremony in some large city. Oddly, few other people seemed to recognize him, or acted like they did. It was pretty cool. - RCS

  • Mae West - I was only 17 when the cast of "Myra Breckinridge" came to NYC to attend the premiere. Though I only got a glimpse of her, I really got to meet Ms. West the following spring when the senior class president wrote and told her that "a young man was going to impersonate her" in the Variety Show. When I was taking off a replica of one of her hats, I heard her familiar voice saying, "You shoulda left it on. We look almost like twins!" I turned and came face-to-face with the great lady herself. We spent over an hour talking, but before she left she took the time to autograph a poster that I had. I shall cherish that moment and the poster forever! - Arthur B.

  • Al Lewis - Back around 30 years ago I was starting a dance studio with a few friends in Chicago. One of my friends worked for a lady whose mom was engaged to Al Lewis, so we thought it would be great to have him at our opening night. And he showed up! He was so nice, a very funny guy, and boy he loved to talk. He was the most talkative guy I ever met. He smoked a lot, too, I remember. It was great to meet him. I wonder if he ever married that lady from Chicago. - Rich

  • Don Ho - My two beautiful daughters and I became friends with Don Ho after one of Don's performances at the Polynesian Palace in Waikiki, Hawaii, when we went back stage with other fans to meet Don and have pictures taken by the show's photographer for him to sign. When Don signed our picture, he struck up a converstion with my youngest daughter, Jennifer, age 14, and learned she was a figure skater, and one of the many hopefuls trying to one day reach World and Olympic figure skating status. We lived in California at the time and Don invited us to see his show a month later in Las Vegas at the Flamingo Hotel. After the show ended at about 2:00 am, Don and some of his performers in his show came to the ice rink at 6:00 am in Las Vegas to watch Jennifer's skating program that she had put together with music from the then very popular "Hawaii Five-O" television show. Jennifer dedicated her performance to Don and, fortunately, she completed her jumps without any mishaps. Don congratulated her on her performance. Thus began the long friendship between Don and his family and my family over these many years. It's hard to believe he is now gone. Aloha to a dear friend - from Jennifer, Diane and myself. - Jennifer & Dolly P.

  • Hal Roach - I had the opportunity to meet Hal Roach shortly before his death in 1992. I come from a town in western New York, which also happens to be Mr. Roach's birthplace. He came to visit the area, and stopped by where I worked. Not only did I have the chance to meet him, but I also had my picture taken with him. He died a short time later, and was buried in my hometown. He was a very sweet, gracious man. It was a pleasure to have met him! - Kris W.

  • Paul Newman - I was an electric meter reader in Chicago and one morning I was to read a bank of meters at a high-rise in a mixed industrial and residential area. When I opened the door to the building, I was told to hold on for a few minutes because they were filming. At the time I was frustrated, for I had lots of meters to read and this would delay me even longer. After five minutes they opened the door and outwalks Paul Newman. He looked right at me and said, "Hi," with a big smile and went on his way. I was surprised at how short he was in person but it made my day.

  • Michael Constatine - Michael Constatine and his family were travelling on the Trailways bus in Reading, PA. I was an undergrad student at Kutztown State on my way to class when my friends and I spotted him. He was very nice to us kids, just like Principal Kaufmann on the hit TV series "Room 222", one of my favorite shows. - EDB

  • Marilyn Monroe - "Marilyn Monroe, Spring 1961, Central Park, New York" This chance meeting happened in Central Park, New York City in the spring of 1961. My parents had me all "dolled up" as a one year old and took me for a nice walk in Central Park in my stroller. My mother later explained she was standing in front of the lion cages with me and at one point when I was looking the other way, she shouted my first name. She shouted, "Marilyn!" several times. By coincidence, Marilyn Monroe happened to be cycling by with her then companion, Arthur Miller. My mother said she was a natural beauty, and stood out in the crowd, even with just wearing simple casual wear of beige slacks, a white sweater, a scarf wrapped around her head and dark sunglasses. When she heard her name, she realized my mother was only calling my name. She stopped, took off her sunglasses, looked down at me and had a tear coming down her face. My mother said, she seemed sad, perhaps about not having a child of her own and then truly felt sad for her. Funny how strangers can pass each other in a moment in life, and awaken a personal touchstone of truth. I think they call it "Syncronicity". Just for that touchstone moment alone, I truly hope she is at peace. Signed, another "Marilyn"

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