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Visitor Stories - Page 47
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *

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Posted: Jan. 24, 2008 Send this page to a friend   

  • Bill Murray - My daughter and granddaughters and I were staying at a condo over in St.Augustine, Florida. We heard that Bill Murray was in the area for the big golf tournament, but didn't think anything about it. It was about 4:00 pm. and my one granddaughter starting yelling that Bill Murray was in the stairwell. We didn't believe her but as I was walking down the stairs, there was Bill right in front of me! All I could say was, "Hi Bill, how was the game?" To which he replied, "Great." He went up to his place and we went into ours and realized that he was staying right next door to us . My other granddaughter was outside looking for her cousin and there was a whistle and my daughter went to see who it was and it was Bill. He smiled and waved at my daughter and she just said, "Hey, Bill." We never bothered him at all and tried to respect his privacy We told the staff at the condo what we did and they told us thank you because he is like anyone else when he comes to stay there - ready for some R&R and after the long day that he had out golfing, we understood. - Sharon

  • Jimmie Walker - I went on a gambling trip to "The Boat" in Louisiana with my co-workers just to see what it was like and while I was walking around just checking out the sights, I almost bumped right into "J.J" from "Good Times" He doesn't look anything like the scrawny young man he played years ago on that show. He put on some weight and it looks nice on him. He was very friendly and invited me to see his stand up comedy show that he was doing there, which unfortunately I couldn't attend. Either way, it was still cool to see the guy that I used to watch on tv everyday! - Kim in Houston

  • Donald Sutherland - I was working at Tower Records in Richmond Va. at the time, Donald Sutherland was filming nearby, he had obviously came in to purchase either some music or a book, I can't remember exactly, I was working the floor, politely going about my business, when I walked by him I said, "Good evening, Mr. Sutherland" and he politely said, "Good Evening".....simple as that. - Jason

  • Sonny Bono, Cher - Our local theaters were showing the new movie Sonny and Cher starred in called "Good Times". At the end of the movie, a local radio station stepped in and announced, "We have a surprise. Please welcome Sonny and Cher." Then they asked if we had any questions about the movie. Naturally, hundreds of kids and teens like myself raised our hands and, lo and behold, I was chosen to come up to the stage and shake their hands and ask a question. I'll never forget how nice they were and how cute Cher was. The Rockne Theater in Chicago. - JOE W. CHICAGO

  • Yma Sumac - My mom took me to see this woman with the amazing vocal range at the University of Arizona in Tucson. After Ms. Sumac was finished performing we climbed up the stairs leading to the stage and I remember shaking inside as we approached her. She was so exotic and glamorous with her long black hair and long nails painted bright red...I thought she was beautiful! As we came up to her, she was smiling broadly at me...not at all bothered by the awestruck little girl standing before her. She shook my hand and graciously signed her name for me. I never forgot her kindness! - LK

  • Little Richard - I attended a Little Richard rock and roll show that was WONDERFUL, and I was able to sneak backstage with an original 1950s 78rpm record of his to sign. He was sweating a lot, and when he turned his head fast, some of his sweat sprayed us fans waiting for him. He saw us brushing it off, and he said, "Don't worry-- it's HOLY WATER!!!". It was so funny, since he is a Deacon or Pastor of his church. We had a good laugh that day!!! - Ben, '50s fan!!!

  • Victor Borge - In 1967 I was living in Pittsburgh, PA. Victor Borge came to town and was to perform at a theatre called "The Mosque." I went to the show with my sister-in-law and we laughed all the way through it. After the show we went backstage because no one said we couldn't, and Mr Borge's assistant said that Mr Borge would come out of his dressing room in a few minutes to sign autographs, but, he warned, "Mr Borge is a concert pianist, and therefore he does not shake hands. Please do not ask to shake his hand." I got an autograph on my program and, politely following instructions, I did not attempt to shake his hand....Time flew by and in 1992 I saw Victor Borge in a show at the Morris Center in South Bend, Indiana and again laughed all the way through. Afterwards, I went up on the stage and Mr Borge came to sign autographs. As he came up to me--I was the last fan there--I said, "Mr Borge, I grew up listening to your albums, and I just loved them." He thanked me for the compliment and was signing my program when I added, "And I saw you in Pittsburgh in 1967 or so. You were as wonderful then as you were tonight. Thank you for 25 years of laughter." He looked at me intensely and replied, "Pittsburgh--oh yes, at The Mosque." And he reached out, took my right hand in both of his, and shook it, saying, "Thank YOU so much. I remember those shows. How wonderful to see you again." Well, I am sure he did not remember me from Adam or Eve, but I think I am one of only a very few fans that ever got to shake Mr Borge's hand. - Tom P.

  • Charley Pride - Working for the Customs Department at the airport in one of the Caribbean Islands, I've had encounters with many famous people such as Johnny Cash, Roberta Flack, Willie Mitchell, Joe Frazier, and Miriam Makeba. But one famous person who stood out the most was Charlie Pride. He was just the nicest person in the world. He was not only polite and friendly, he even invited a bunch of us to his hotel, took requests and performed some of his popular songs for us. He took the time to pose for pictures with us both in groups and individually. - PVG

  • Jane Russell - Jane Russell was my mother-in-law when we lived in Sedona, AZ. There was a famous story about Jane that I always wondered if it was true. It was a statement that Jane liked to stay in her bathrobe during the day and she always wore her bra OVER her bathrobe. One day I finally got up the nerve to ask her. She said, very dead-panned, "Well, of course, where else would I wear it?" She had the most dry humor of anyone I've ever met and she was hilarious. Oh, by the way, I did catch her one day at her home, doing just that - wearing her bra over her bathrobe, and I cracked up! - Pat

  • Red Skelton - I arrived around midnight at the Renaissance Hotel in Detroit after flying in from New York. There was only one man ahead of me at the registration desk, and three clerks were available. All of the clerks had gathered around the position at which this older fellow was checking in. I thought to myself, "Why am I waiting when there are three clerks on duty?" I was tired and wanted to say something, but continued to wait, remaining unnoticed in line. The guest who was registering seemed to be writing something down for each clerk, and then took out a video camera and spoke to each one, saying he wanted to share this with his wife back home. I just couldn't understand all the fuss, but I uncharacteristically remained quietly in place through it all. At that point, he noticed that I had been waiting patiently. I was rewarded when he turned with a big smile and surprisingly shook my hand and said he was sorry about making me wait. I recognized him after a moment or two - it was Red Skelton, who could not have been more gentle or genuine. He bid goodbye to the clerks, and I stepped up - he had given each one of them a drawing of a clown, his paintings of which were well known. I checked in and phoned my wife from my room, telling her about the encounter - she loved his show as a child and was so excited to hear of the chance meeting. - Dan L

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