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Visitor Stories - Page 9
* * Disclaimer - These stories were submitted by visitors to the Dead or Alive? site and reflect their experiences and opinions in meeting famous people * *

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Posted: July 10, 2006 Send this page to a friend   

  • Joe Lieberman - One Saturday in December of 2003, my boyfriend and I were shopping around Rockville, Maryland and we went to dinner at the Vegetable Garden, one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants. As we were leaving, a little after 8 p.m. (when it was full dark), we ran into three people who were coming in: an older blonde woman, an older gentleman, and a young man who looked like a Secret Service agent. I murmured hello as we passed each other through the one door. I mean, he looked familiar, but until we had passed each other, I didn't realize who it was. But as soon as we were out of earshot, I said, holy smokes (okay, what I really said was not as polite), that's Senator Lieberman! - Danielle

  • James Mason - In 1965, I was working as a sales clerk in Brentano's, the book store on 5th Avenue in New York. One quiet Saturday morning, James Mason walked in. I had always liked him for his silky and sinister British accent and because he played Captain Nemo in "Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea," the very first movie I had ever seen. Mason sauntered over to me and asked if we carried any pop art posters. Wanting to oblige, I remembered some posters of Batman and Superman that were on sale in the reproduction department and brought them over to him. "How do I know that these are real pop art posters and not just something someone had printed up?" he breathed. "Well, I don't think that would really matter, would it?" I answered with what I thought at the time was remarkable cleverness. But Mason wasn't convinced. He murmured a half-hearted apology and drifted off to another part of the store. - Kenny G

  • George Reeves - During my 30-year career as a Los Angeles city firefighter, I've met countless celebrities, but that doesn't hold a candle to my meeting George Reeves, star of "The Adventures of Superman". This event took place at a downtown department store shortly before Christmas of 1957. My mother and I arrived right after his scheduled personal appearance had ended. However, my mom convinced him to come over, shake my hand, and wish me a "Merry Christmas". He's still my hero! - Vince

  • Rock Hudson - Rock Hudson made a movie in 1955 called Captain Lightfoot. [There was a showing at] I think it was the Chicago Theatre. The stars were to appear on stage after the movie. I was just a teen then and so enamored of Rock. When he came out I just walked and stood right in the middle of the stage just below his feet. There were teen girls at the right of the theatre. They had a present that was handed to him. He bent down to open the gift and said, "Did you like the picture?" I just stood there so he said it again. I looked behind me and there was no one there. He leaned closer and said, "I am talking to you." I turned around and ran out of the theater and went home. I still laugh about that. - Barb

  • Kathleen Turner - In 1983 in New York City, I attended a party of theatre department alumni from Southwest Missouri State University (now Missouri State). The party was held in a loft close to the Empire State Building, and the lower floors apparently housed, among other things, a brothel. There was talk that Kathleen Turner might show up, but since she was becoming a mega-star at the time, nobody expected her to do so. Fortunately, she did show up, but late enough that I was drunk as a skunk at the time. I approached her and started talking to her, but the sight of a large drunk man approaching her apparently made her nervous and she got away from me as soon as possible. I did, however, get a chance to make amends later by politely telling her how I admired her work and to excuse myself for the earlier encounter. She was quite gracious about it and remained very kind to me for the remainder of the evening...that is, until I impressed everyone present by throwing up.

  • David Bowie - Around 1981 I was working in New York as a bike messenger and had a delivery in The Fisk Building (250 W. 57th St.) I was alone going down in the elevator when David Bowie got in. The elevator stopped 3 or 4 times but nobody said anything. As we walked out of the lobby I said, "I'm surprised more people don't recognize you." He looked right at me (with his two unmistakably different-colored eyes), shrugged with a smile and walked away. - David

  • Yogi Berra - I was 14 and the NY Mets were flying out of LaGuardia Airport. When I approached one famous (now Hall of Fame) pitcher for an autograph, he very rudely said, 'NOT now, can't you see I'm busy.' Well, as I was walking away, Yogi called me over and gave me an autograph and had a few other players sign also...What a great guy. - Paul

  • Vincent Price - My mom was shopping for towels at the Sears store in El Con center near downtown Tucson in the mid '60s when a tall, distinguished gentleman tapped her on the shoulder & said, "Madam, would you care to look at this?" He was selling pottery made from copper slag. She bought several items (which she still has) and rushed home to tell us who she met. My dad, my older brother & I went down to the store, and there he was, THE star of so many scary horror movies. We went up, said hello, and got some autographs & pictures. To a nine year old kid, he WAS tall - but he wasn't the least bit scary. - Chris

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